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  1. Nice! Doing the San Marino challenge myself as well with SM Calcio. Good luck and I will follow.
  2. The setup of both sides is exaclty the same with an IF(S), MEZ(S) and WB(A). Try to vary a bit with an IF(A) and FB or WB(S) for starters. Also, the CF(A) is a demanding role. Are you sure you have someone available who is capable of that role?
  3. San Marino Calcio 22-23 This season went better than the last and we were competing the most of the season for spot 4-7. Untill March were we hit a bad run due to my chance of tactics. I am really disapointed, because I think with this squad I should've finished in the top of the league. \ Vladulescu 3th player of the season is really suprising to me, as he was mostly substitude and did not score a lot. He has a lot of potentatial though. Unfortunatly he is not San Marinese :P The National Team is not really improving. I introduced a lot of young players from my under 18 and under 20' teams to give them experience at national levels. I really need to find a tactic which is working. For next season I hope to get promoted (finally) and to improve my facilities to strenghten the NT.
  4. Yes that's correct. There are three Serie C's (A, B and C) so there are 9 promotions spots available, one for each Serie D league. The playoff does not guarantee you promotion. Only when More than 9 teams are relegated from Serie C or when a Serie D winner fails to meet requirements for promotion. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serie_D
  5. I just finished my 3rd season and 2nd season in Serie C. The Serie C is, at least for me, a superhard challenge. With the squad this year I really expected to fight for the top spots, but instead we finished 12th. I invested a lot in this squad, so we are now 500K in debt. I have to see if I can manage this another season. Gaiola was once again my POTS, followed closely by fellow San Marinese Berardi The NT did not went that well either. We almost snatched a draw against Turkey and Belarus, but that was it. Hopefully we can get the morale up in the Nations League.
  6. I just finished my 2nd season at San Marino Calcio and I think it was my worst season off all CM/FM games I have ever played lol. I should have the players available to me to at least finish in the mid table, but unfortunately nothing was working. The first 20 games we were on 8 points.. Luckily we managed to finish within 9 points of the number 16 and the FM gods let me win the playoffs for relegation. Next season will be different. Now we are full professional I want to be more specific in which players I want for my team. I hope I can offload most garbage from this year's team. In the YP we pulled a exiting and hard needed CB for the NT. The draw for the WC has been very favourable to us, but I don't expect anything to happen the next few years. Good thing is that Gaiola, the best player of San Marino Calcio, became a San Marinese and is now also the best player of the NT. Did this happen to anyone else?
  7. First game with San Marino and first win. I really don't know what happened that second half lol
  8. First season done. Won promotion from Serie D to Serie C by winning the division. Got a nice newgen. Another Bernardi for San Marino. Haven't managed San Marino yet. Will start to do that next season.
  9. So I would like to play a youth only game, but the save you shared of SM Calcio in the Serie C is way to hard for me. The difference with the other teams is huge and the selection in inbalance. Is there also a save available for the Serie D where I don't have to edit anything but load the leagues?
  10. I really love this idea! Hope you will get to top 10 leagues soon. I am Doing the same kind of challenge with SC Heerenveen in the Dutch league. Trying to get the Dutch league above the French and German is already very hard. So I can't imagine how hard the N. Ireland league must be!
  11. Oh yes! A thread about my favorite club IRL AND you signed Carneiro from Defensor Sporting! He scored so many for me in my Ultimate Football manager game till I had so sell him for around 12m€. What I also really like is that your focus on new players is in Scandinavia, just like in real life. We try to buy some young Scandinavian talents which are mostly sold again 2 years later. Also good thing is that you bought the stadium, because the rent is also IRL way to high and put us in debt. Good luck! Will follow.
  12. A.C.R. Messina Reporting in with a quick update. Took over A.C.R. Messina in the serie C/C. I really have big respect for you guys, because what is this challenge hard. First season we had to fight untill the last playoff game to stay in the competion with a away draw, after winning at home. In season 19/20 we finished 14th, but we should've finished a lot higher. I have a good midfield and attack, but my defence is terrible. This results in many mistakes and I still am looking for the right balance in my tactic. I do have some bright talents though. Unfortunately my striker was sold in the winter transfer period for 450k€. I expect they will sell this summer some players as well, because we are making losses. Partly because of the big 30.000+ stadium.
  13. Oh your so right. I just finished the State championship (won) and I already feel that I managed for a season, while I still have to play 50+ games... This country is great for developing youngsters because of the many match opportunities, but for this challenge it is horrible. Does the State championship count as a cup or league win by the way?
  14. Not lucky with the draw Are you feeling that your team's performance are getting closer to the top level teams? I always found the Champions League as a Dutch team really hard. When you finally have players which are at the right level they want to leave to bigger teams.
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