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  1. I play a strikerless 4123 and I must say the play is exquisite, there is so much space to be exploited by the front 3 and the runs they make just creates havoc in the opposition half. I am not a possession freak, but some times it does see a lot of the ball and none of it at times!! I change the roles depending on who I am playing against and what I am trying to achieve, but essentially lines up as: --------------GK FB(A)---DC©----DC(D)-----FB (S or D) --------------DM (D) --------DLP (D)-------AP(A)----------- W(S) IF(A or S)-------DW(A) --------------------------------------
  2. The DLP is a facinating role, but on defend rather than support especially in a 2 man midfield, surely you will go for a player that can actually make a decent tackle, head and still have enough presence of mind to dictate the game. I've got my work cut out in creating my 424 then! Cheers!
  3. Don't you just love it when they earn their first cap and cup running back to you with bucket loads of thanks!!!
  4. Don't you just love it when they earn their first cap and cup running back to you with bucket loads of thanks!!!
  5. As far as going forward is concerned, try looking at their ppms and try getting them to stay back all the time (i think there's a ppm for that).
  6. Had been using a much developped Thiago as my DLP on support duty. His allround play was okay but nothing outstanding and then he gets injured for 4 weeks. So I turn to an 18 year old MC/AMC/FC in my U18 to fill that role for a cup game and he hasn't left my first team since, creating and scoring loads (compared to my other MCs). What I noticed is he would pick up the ball from a deep position and the runs made by my attacking players will create space in the middle and since he has the ppm run with ball, he just runs right through the midfield into the opposition and usualy lays a nice pass on or tests the keeper! Just to say, ppms can be crucial in how your playmaker reacts to space and movement, so you might want to have a look at your PM's ppms and see if they'll let him play as you want him to or they just contradict your intentions.
  7. Quick reply: i don't think success with the TC can be circumsribed to "world class" teams as peoples playing across all leagues are enjoying success with it. I believe it is just a question of knowing what roles are compatible, knowing when to play long, wide, short etc. I definitely find the game easier now than before and in game Man Utd's squad is weaker than say City, Barca and Real, but I have managed to enjoy some big results against said teams on a number of occasions in the past 4 seasons without changing a thing to my formation; other than applying shouts based on my analysis of how the games evolved. Cheers.
  8. Come on guys get over it. I've played EVERY version of CM/FM up to FM11. I didn't buy FM12 and only got FM13 as a xmas gift from a friend who saw my collection was missing the last editions. And I have to say, what was I on when I took the decision to stop playing FM!!! FM13 is bloody brilliant and kills me to say this but the TC is a God send!! I play as Man Utd and wanted to see if Fergie's latest diamond could work, so out went the wingers and in came some central midfield reinforcements, spent about 30 mins on the TC, watched all my preseason games to see what roles worked well together and that was it. Won the league and league cup first year, and lost the CL finals to Barca. Swept everything the next two seasons and just starting my 4 season and my 41212 narrow diamond is still banging them in and all I have to do is assess team reports and see where I want to hurt the opponent and adjust my shouts accordingly. Life is Good!!
  9. I played Ganso in this role to great effect and the number of assists he raked up was incredible. I lowered his mentality, cancelled his runs from deep with wide play set to normal. Bags of CF and set him to roam. Of course like someone already said, that ppm comes deep to get ball is important. What i'll like to add is your MCs need to be playing deep to leave space for the striker deeping deep, else they'll just run into each other to useless effect.
  10. I play a 4222 with two wingers. Up against teams playing deep and narrow and jst looking to hit me on the break, I play as wide as possible, pulling my D-Line and my MCs deeper. The effect is to force their strikers to stay deep with my DC and force their midfielders to come out and try to close down/mark my MCs. Then I have one striker playing deep as well and this tends to pull one DC out and leave space for my other striker to exploit. The idea here is to be patient and see what works best for your team.
  11. For my strikers I tend to look at their aggresivity, positioning, decision making and injury history. There's no need for my striker to be lunging into tackles blindly and risking cards or injury for little reward.
  12. I have had great success over the last three years with my 442/4222. Basically, I have one of my CMs in a DM positions and my wingers are set up as inside forward with the only change being their wide play is set to normal instead of cutting inside (I found this gives them more options). One of my strikers plays as a false nine and drops really deep and is set up as my playmaker.
  13. Tutoring

    Good info AoV. Cheers