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  1. Hey guys, I always tend to stick to wide formations, most notably a 433 since I just like the balance it provides. However, creating a 433 every time is getting a bit repetitive for me and I want to try something else. I'm currently starting my 8th season at Sociedad and I picked up some juicy regens along my journey, most notably in defense and midfield. For this reason, I opted for trying to do something else and create a wingerless formation in the form of either a 4312 (my first idea) before potentially settling on a 4132 which will provide me with a bit more defensive stabilit
  2. Ahh yes, that's what I was afraid of, there's not really a rule of thumb with regards to balancing attacking, supporting and defending duties is there? It's all kinda context related? That's why I put Martial on CF, since he has move into channels locked in, figure he'd create the chances for Rashford and Fekir in doing so. So then I would either need to defend more reserved, something which I don't have a lot of experience with since I usually just do a type of Gegenpress variation, or attack in a more controlled and patient way in order to not form the cul-de-sac I'm d
  3. Hi guys, I really love playing fm and the hours I put into fm20 reflect that, I want to play with my own created tactics and I've had some success in doing so and gotten a lot of fun out of it. However from time to time this tactic creation also proves to be something which I haven't completely grasped yet, sometimes leaving me clueless in the process. I created this tactic but I'd like to learn from it from you guys as well, just to get some extra insights. Are there any things that stand out as something which could become a problem ? My aim is to create fast and beautiful
  4. Wow, thanks I really appreciate this! Could you explain how the attacking threat combination in this tactic functions? And how the fullback and wingback relate in this tactic ?
  5. Hello guys, Recently I've started a save with RB Salzburg where I'm trying to make a 442 Diamond work (Either, 4312 or 41212) since the team does not have enough wingers. However, I can't seem to make it work because I have never played without wingers before. I've looked online and read articles on Marco Rose's 4312 system at Salzburg but had difficulties translating this into fm19. Does anybody have some tips on making a 4312 or a variation therefore work, or can someone who has played with Salzburg in a wingerless formation share some insights on their tactic with me? Also, the
  6. Thanks, this will help me out a lot. Also, for approach play I focus on play through the middle, but for the underlap and overlap, when could I potentially use them and in what kind of systems do they belong? I've always found approach play the most difficult part of the tactic.
  7. Hi guys, I'm quite new to FM so I'm struggling to make a proper functioning tactic because I don't know the ins and outs of crafting a functioning tactic. I've read quite a few of articles and came to this tactic. I'm playing as Hamburg, first season, no signings made. I didn't really mess with personal instructions but I've put both Mangala (Mezzala) and Holtby (Box to Box) on take more risky passes since they have the best passing stats. Also, I've instructed Arp (Deep Lying Forward) to take more shots on target. Build up play is no problem, I get plenty of possession and plenty of shots, us
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