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  1. I'm not sure where all the 8M came from. I increased my finances (starting cash) from 1 to 3 million before starting, that's about it. I don't really care about this one save game, all i want to know is if this is correct or a bug? No matter what the rules are, it seems strange that FFP did not change at all when getting promoted. The official rules say it's 55% of turnover in league 2, and 60% in league 1. So I don't see why it would not increase. If it had changed AT ALL, like 0,5K up or down, i would at least have known it was recalculated. Seems to me it is not now.
  2. I added another manager in the division just to check. They have an income of 4,5M last year, and went about 1,5M in deficit that season. And their FFP max wage is at 52K. My team had almost 8M in income, and went 300K in deficit. And my FFP max wage is 36K, EXACTLY the same as last year in league 2. So it's hard to believe it is based on turnover.
  3. I just have to mention that this has made me stop playing the game altogether. No point in continuing as I don't have a team. No point in restarting as the same thing will happen. I want my money back!!
  4. Well this has never been an issue in earlier versions. My wage budget (from the board) has increased in the same way (almost doubled on promotion), but FFP has never been a problem until after several seasons in Premier League. 10 of my players left in the summer, and my wages are now about 10K above allowed (because of promotion percentages), and i don't have a team to use for the season.
  5. I just ran through a season in League Two with Carlisle. My monthly wages are about 35.000£ per week. FFP only allows me to have 36.000 per week. I got promoted, and the board increased my wage budget from about 35.000 to 65.000. But the FFP is the SAME in league One!! It is still 36.000, and that totally breaks my game. I can't offer >1000£ in wages for new players, and after the new season started and many of my players got a percentage bump to their wage, I can't even offer new contracts to the players I have (allowed no more than 1K). Is this a bug, or is there something
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