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  1. They played 4-2DMs-1-2-1, but for future reference that diamond will go into my plans! Beautiful football being played, I’ve won every game except that West Brom game tbf
  2. Very frustrating day at the office. Perhaps I just need better players to finish to moves! Creating a lot though.
  3. Fascinating again. I’m now a @crusadertsar disciple. I’ll give this one a go on my Swansea save
  4. @mdougal awesome work, I may try a few of your adjustments with Swansea. Top work with Southampton!
  5. Ahh amazing, I’m so into this philosophy and way of playing, so I’ll definitely be interested in your journey and what you’ve managed to come up with!
  6. I’m trying to create a style with Swansea, I’m using the 4-1-4-1 base tactic and haven’t made any changes to it yet. I’m really struggling to score goals, defensively it works pretty well. 9 CS in 16 games but goals are really hard to come by. Any advice?
  7. I really haven’t been able to get a save going this year... then I started reading a Zeman and Pescara 11/12 season... I’m gonna give them a go I think. Anyone else had a go with them??
  8. I’m looking for a club in Europe but not England, that’s suited to playing 3-5-2 and some good young prospects... need a project to really sink my teeth into
  9. Awesome post as usual... anyone going with Crewe? The classic youth challenge
  10. No no I’m afraid I won’t allow that 😆
  11. I’m so glad I’m not the only I Giallorossi fan on here! Let me know how it is, I won’t be able to start until after my holiday next week! Very excited about Zaniolo
  12. Has anyone started a Roma save? There my favourite Italian side ever since fm 08! They seem to have some great young players to work with!
  13. It’s either gonna be Werder Bremen or Freiburg for me... having an extremely tough time deciding which one though
  14. I’m gonna go with AZ aswell! Amazing prospects and academy!
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