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  1. So I have played FM for years now, and it only just occurred to me this morning while browsing my players favoured personnel tab that I realised, it's quite often that us the manager will become a favoured personnel of them but never have I seen a former or current team mate become one. The players have pre set favoured personnel as former team mates and friends but they never seem to add to that with current team mates or if you eventually sell them on, former team mates. I have strong partnerships on the field which doesn't really relate to off field relation for example Cole and Yorke, but the fact I have never seen this happen in my game between my players who have played together for years really does raise my eyebrow. Has anyone seen this happen? Or is this a potential over sight from SI? Or even perhaps a bug? Let me know. I'm really curious how this integrates with regens too, I have never done more than 5 seasons with 1 club since I like to change it up so maybe this does happen for regens?
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