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  1. i will probably go with bradford again. my most consistent save this year. other reasons: i live there, large stadium for EFL and they were once in the prem
  2. Knap, would this tactic still work on latest update? is there a version thats not cautious?
  3. sorry Knap, which one is the 4231 tactic with dm you talked about? you said you updated recently.
  4. 4132 !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFWMIWBSPKnapTHP105FACCSPP108.fmf45.31 kB · 144 downloads 4132 AP Matiz (Top Sub) !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSSmatizAPTHP102.fmf45.36 kB · 144 downloads ive got both of these, did you say you updated one to be with a DM. is it these? thanks!!!
  5. Sorry i might be being really thick here, what do you mean by p112 and p109?
  6. ive been silently following for a while, love these tactics, loads of variety. ive just done back to back to back promotions with bradford to the prem. im uisng the fm scout contenaccio tactic but i think this might be the wrong option going forward due to my lack of ability and strength of teams. ci play 4231 so have the players to fit this but could possibly amend to a 442, can you suggest a 4231 and a 442 tactic to keep me in the prem or better, finish top 10 ish?
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