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  1. You honestly don't need any reserve or youth staff until you go professional. Young players who are good should go right into the first team. Your roster should be very small to conserve money. I rarely had over 20 players at the club. if you do have a really good youngster, have him train with the senior squad and make him available to play matches with your reserves
  2. This isn't the game for you, my guy. If you want the better team to always win, go play Fifa on rookie mode or something. Freak games happen in this game like they do in real life. There will be times in your save where you beat teams that outplay you as well. That's football.
  3. So in the 2019/2020 season, I finished first in the Isthmian South East Division. I go to the next season and not only am I not promoted to the Isthmian Premier but I am no longer in a league and only have friendly and cup matches scheduled. I'm guessing this is a database error but it's one downloaded off the steam workshop and seemed legit. My question is, can I fix this? I bought the In game editor and was hoping to just move my team up but I don't seem to be able to do that. Is there a way I can somehow force it to do that? If not, can I start a new save and import my exact team from
  4. I just had a foul inside the box and reviewed and a penalty was given. First time in like 200 matches on this save that it happened but it can happen.
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