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  1. Mourinho's teams weren't simply counter attacking machines. When in possession they quickly sent the ball towards the final third and moved in order to open space tp then pass the ball to a player running into that space. Strikerir does mention he is trying to replicate the Real Madrid team but the inside forward has usually always been a second striker in Mourinho's teams. In Madrid the strange combination of Ronaldo's natural gifts as a striker and Benzema's nº10 like talents inverted the order when it came to who scored goals. on the subject of Viktor Fischer I took a look at his
  2. Edmilson was most definitely a Half-back. Xabi was a key player as a DLPs. Deco moved higher up the pitch almost getting into the box so I would say either Box-to-box midfielder or CMa. I think you got the attacking trident right. I don't know about the side backs, they weren't all that good and Barcelona only really lift off as a truly dominant team when they signed Alves and Alba so I have kind of forgotten about them. I disagree with your PIs for the inside forwards, both Ronaldinho and Messi played narrow and while the wingbacks pushed higher up the pitch. In many ways this team
  3. I have a confession to make. I am not used to playing direct football. I tend to favor a high line and a more possession hungry strategy. Because of this I have been tinkering a lot with my tactics during pre season and even now I am not 100% convinced with my tactic. The first thing I noticed is that while my wingers did backtrack they gave away a lot of fouls in dangerous areas so I moved them to the mid strata and adopted a 4411 in defence. Because they are both in attack duty I still get the 4231 shape in attack but they don't commit as many fouls while in defence. The starting
  4. Thank you for the correction, I was under the impression it also affected midfielders, is there a page or topic were you found this information? just to check if I am not wrong about other things.
  5. Well, in FM the position of players while the team is in possession is determined by their mentality, a few traits and the attributes teamwork and off the ball. Teamwork makes players drop deeper to receive a pass when the team is building from deep so a player with lower teamwork is bound to be higher up the pitch when in build up. The problem with that is that teamwork is an important attribute for teams playing positive possession football so it's not something your midfielders can do without. Focus play through the middle would increase the midfielders mentality but I have never trie
  6. Hi, Those are some very general questions that require long answers but for now I will try to answer them in the simplest way possible. 1.- You are thinking the wrong way, it is not about finding roles for players but finding players for the roles. IRL you can't accommodate 11 players in such a way that they are all doing exactly what they are best at, why would you be able to do so in FM? 2.- By looking at his attributes and traits. Would you ask Van Nistelrooy to link up play? Would you tell Kante to try to make a pass into space through two defenders? Would you have Messi as
  7. After unpacking my things and dealing with some PC updates I inmediatly opened FM19 and loaded a save in Spain with no other country to make things go faster. Just as my save loaded and I had edited my profile in exactly the way I wanted I clicked my way to the following page and shed a tear when I looked at this: What on earth is this? Is this the guy meant to bring new players to my team? As you can already guess this is not good enough at all. So I searched for someone much more capable for the job that was willing to work for us: After comparing and contrasting
  8. Both your keepers are excellent for a low block. They are not as good when playing in a highline because their rushing out is lacking but they do have an excellent one on one. However you play you are right to choose Herwitz, he has the better attributes for both kinds of keeping and his mental stats help him as a sweeperkeeper even if his passing is worse than Stefan's. I had forgotten to talk about goalkeeper distribution. There are two keeping attributes that determine distribution. Kicking (how far he can send a ball with his feet) and throwing (how accurately he can distri
  9. Have you ever been forced to choose between to goalkeepers for your first team? Perhaps you are lucky enough to be struggling with the choice between to wonderkid goalkeepers. Maybe you have lost your first choice keeper and are now searching the market for a substitute. Have you ever thought about what your tactics demand from your keeper? Lets start by enumerating and explaining the attributes of goalkeepers: Aerial Ability: how high in the air he can reach, what the other players call jumping reach. Jumping reach only affects a goalkeeper when heading the ball outs
  10. You are right he could very well become the best midfielder in your save. I would be more concerned with his lack of flair, it will hamper his attacking game. Other than that there is nothing to worry about. 12 determination is a bit too low, he will not fullfill his potential. I would inmediatdly have him mentored to raise it. Where I to field him I would place a defender with a strong aerial game behind him to make up for his lack of heading ability, jumping reach and height. Does stats make me think of Redondo.
  11. To celebrate my friend and I managed to leave the hell of driving through Genoa behind I would like to talk about the 4231, which I intend to use as my main formation during this save. As far as English football is concerned the 4231 was born with Eric Cantona in the 90s. The DLF kept getting deeper and deeper until he could no longer be considered a Forward and thus the n°10 is born. The south American continent emploid the formation much sooner where it evolved from the Brazilian box in search for wider attacking options. It is perhaps the most flexible formation known today and ca
  12. With coaches good at training the mental attributes (which are the most important ones) the right individual training role and a training schedule that allows the player to develop that attribute it could very well reach a value of 12. Depending on your tactic concentration may not even be that important an attribute when defending if you have players to cover for him. You might pair your SV with a DM or an Anchorman or have a stopper behind when using a lower LoE. When in possession concentration helps a player make decisions but it is not the most important attribute for a SV.
  13. Very good question. I am going to guess you know that mid slots are more defensive than attacking mid slots and that your formation of choice is roughly your defensive shape. That being said you can't expect a lazy winger to track back even when placing him in the mid slot. The main attribute that decides that is workrate and it turns out to be most important for wide players. I believe teamwork also plays a part to a lesser extent. A second thing to consider is that by sitting deeper in defense the player will take longer to reach the final third. I don't usually utilize a low
  14. Being Basque myself I have a great deal of love for Athletic Bilbao but I have never managed them in FM. Why? Because I disagree with them on the subject of Oriundos (players of Basque descent but south American nationality). Currently we don't sign them while I think we should. Going any further would result in a rant. A Bilbao save is always special. The Basque only policy means you can only sign players with Basque nationality or 16 year old Spanish players. This means that you must focus on youth development in order to achieve anything. My longest in fm19 must have been a
  15. Having talked about tactical Periodisation in my last post I think the best way to talk about Mourinho's tactics is to talk about the four phases of the game. Transition from defense to attack: Mourinho's teams like to give their fullbacks time to go higher up the pitch so the goalkeeper often passes the ball to the back four. From there the ball will reach the midfielders who will find a forward pass to put the ball in the final thirs. Transition achieved. Mourinho's teams do not play hoofball but are very efficient in their transitions to reduce the number of mistakes they might make.
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