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  1. 450W is an extra £9 and 550W is an extra £15 so I'l add that on too, thank you. Edit: 80+ bronze efficiency? Corsair CV Series
  2. I think I'd rather pay the £56, which is basically what I'm saving by getting rid of the DVD drive, and just keep a bit of graphics power in the bank - just in case. Also losing the bigger SSD in favour of the smaller 240 SSD. I think I do need the wireless card and PCS advice says upgrade to AX200, which is the price of losing the LED strip that was on. Better case in the build also. Plus, and I think this will be very much worth it, 16GB RAM in a 2x8 pair at 3200Mhz instead of standard 2400mhz. Same AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. All in - £821 I'm extremely happy with that!
  3. There is a 1650 'super' option. It is £56 more than the Nvidia 1050. According to this: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1650S-Super-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050/4058vs3650 (I think they're the correct gpu's) The super is 111% better? All down the list it looks head and shoulders above the 1050, surely it's a no-brainer even though there won't be many other 3D games. Gives pace of mind if I see a 3D game tomorrow that I must play?
  4. Not entirely certain what the chappy from PCS was talking about? I've had the quickest of plays to work on a set up and my first draft is the above. It's under budget and I'm now considering upgrading RAM to 16gb and going for a slightly better graphics card than the 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 - DVI, HDMI, DP. Do the other components look ok? The motherboard? Storage? I'm also considering slightly upgrading both the sound card and the cooling? Any point? Silly question, would the above set up let me hear the sound or do I need a better sound card or additional speakers or something?
  5. Back again! I followed a suggestion to email PC Specialist and see if they could recommend a build similar to the Tornado. They say they can't match it and I'd be looking at around £900. Quite odd considering I've found reviews from at least a year ago menaing it isn't brand new and says 'PC Specialist' in the name. Anyway,back to the drawing board. I think my search is getting quite desperate now. I had an issue where the battery was depleted and would not charge and wouldn't turn on, so I removed the battery (from a laptop) and plug it in directly to the mains with a power lead. No
  6. I know... I really want it! Tornado: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/pc-specialist-tornado-r5-amd-ryzen-5-gtx-1660-gaming-pc-1-tb-hdd-120-gb-ssd-10195687-pdt.html DELL: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/dell-g5-tower-5090-intel-core-i5-gtx-1650-gaming-pc-1-tb-hdd-10200397-pdt.html I've started trying to configure a Tornado lookalike on PCSpecialist but I think there's far too much scope for me to mess up and select the wrong things!!
  7. The list grows! The pitiful CPU mark for my current laptop shows me I'm doing the right thing by upgrading... Look at the bottom one! Same graphics card, better processor, less RAM, £114 cheaper! I saw the Ryzen Gaming from CCL didn't have an OS so that's why the price went up. The catch... Tornado is out of stock. But... I've found the same reailer selling it from their Ebay account. How is that even possible? EDIT: Scratch that, apparently limited availability means out of stock lol. EDIT2: How hard is it to do a custom build on PCSpecialist? Tornado was originall
  8. @Smurf, I think I'm getting there! So, I've done a comparison of my current laptop, the AMD Ryzen Gaming and the Medion Erazer X30 I think I've done that correctly? My conclusions; both desktops are a massive upgrade on my old laptop - which was decent but clearly shows why I struggle with 3D. The Medion's GTX 1050 graphics card is still in "mid range" even though it is quite a way behind the 1660 of the Ryzen. However, you said it will be fine with 3D so I'm not too bothered about that score. The price difference will allow me to uprade the RAM much quicker which is re
  9. Thank you very much for your help Smurf it is much appreciated. A few follow up questions if I may? When you say single core, using the AMD as an example, where it says CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz, does that mean the single core value is 3.4GHz? So looking at the following desktop in the product description it says with up to 4.0 GHz clock speed, is that better for FM? It also has "dedicated 4 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Graphics" with 8gb of RAM. As you say, I looked u the cost of 32gb of RAM and it came to around £175 I think, nice easy upgrade for the future.
  10. Also, just heard from someone I know who has an old desktop. It is like 10/11 years old but cost around £600 back then. I'mtrying to find out the actual specs but the point is, could something like this be upgraded to what I need or is it pointless trying?
  11. Hey all. I'm currently looking at ordering a desktop from one of the following places: Laptopsdirect.co.uk or CCLonline.com ... purely because those two have been recommended to me and they're fairly local. I'm set on a desktop, I have had a laptop for many years now and want a change. Also, they have all died after 5/6 years rather than become obsolete, if that makes sense. Want something I can now keep for years and years and upgrade rather than buy from scratch again. Aside from the usual stuff, it will be purely for FM. The only other games I play are older so I don't need to wor
  12. I've completely removed squad registration/ rules for now until I can get it working properly. Updated the file link in the first post.
  13. Hang fire, squad selection rules aren't working properly. It's just selecting a random 25 players and not letting the human choose.
  14. It certianly would make things more interesting if the AI could muster a decent challenge. That's never changing though I guess. DB is finished. Next project is the opening post of this thread. But for now... it's game time!
  15. Some may have seen my post in GD where I discussed this but after pouring some hours into the editor this db is finally finished! For now! I have created a fantasy league system for Scotland with clear promotion and relegation from the best of Scotland down to the Highland and Lowland leagues. This is not as extensive as it sounds with only three leagues (H/L are in the same tier). This is because in my opinion Scotland simply has far too many league teams for a nation of its size. This retains the best 32 professional sides with the tiered leagues adding another 40 teams. We have
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