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  1. Spain is by far the best place to get an affiliate, as south American players get nationality in 2 years.
  2. Course it's cheating - where's the fun in it. That said, a new version of the game often has some intricacies to learn, so I might do this a bit to test some new tactics and learn before then starting a new proper game.
  3. No, you're right on the Mezzala, but not the Carrilero. Carrilero is like a B2B mid, but just doesn't go as far in either direction, he shuttles between defence and attack rather than box to box.
  4. Running a season on sim might help give you some ideas for this - in my game the engine did a good job of emulating Jose - he came 5th and didn't get the sack. If you're honestly trying to copy what jose does, I don't see how you can justify anything but the lowest tempo.
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