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  1. When the agent walks out how long do you have to wait until you open negotiations again?
  2. I am interested in managing a u17 national team because of the u17 world cup happening in rl. Is there a way to manage youth national teams, and if so please tell me how. Thank you! P.S. It doesn't have to be u17's just any age level except the regular national team
  3. I want my Football Club (Bayern Munich) to have a friendly with a country such as spain for example I know how to do this when your managing a national team and I am almost sure you could do it when your managing a club as well but what I am looking for is how to set up a club-country friendly
  4. how to make your club have a friendly with a country?
  5. I mean which team has the best player's and have the best team, also which team has the best young players (if you know that as well)
  6. This is Clubs not national teams also if you know PA I would like to know that too but I don't think thats possible aka Random
  7. @FrazT Sorry I have been gone but I have 19.3.5 version as well as they gave me a pin number so idk
  8. Quick question would a pirate game have the same stat's as a regular game???
  9. Strange I bought this from a chinese website it must of been modded idk
  10. South africa is not the only country?? I didn't add any plug in's or anything and these are the countries
  11. Sort of a random question but does anybody know the best african country in FM? (This is basically asking which country in FM has the best players by CA) Also another question which african country has the best players by PA Also I am not talking about only their best player yet their first 11 + Depth should decide the winner.
  12. What are best bargain strikers that can be a backup for a big club I need a backup for lewi in Bayern
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