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  1. Hi, i have a problem when i'm going to create a new game. I can't pick which no will be in the game.I explain, for example, i hae in the database 3 mods, i only want pick one, but my changes are not saved.The 3 mods are still actived. I don't need to create a game to see if it work or not, just open and close the database menu to appreciate this. Sorry if i don't explain well this, the english isn't my language. Someone can help me with this? I already uninstalled all the mods and reinstalled them, but the problem continued. Also, i installed al my mods from steam, but there is one that is the structure of the argentine league, which takes it out of a forum.I already have a game created with this mod (before this error started) And it's work without any problems, but if i want to create another new game i can no longer because of this error
  2. I got this mod from the workshop from steam.When i pick in a mod, for example Argentina, it's doesn't work, my choice is not work.It's weird because i already have a game created with that mod, but i did it before this bug appear.Currently this game is still running and i can play it normally
  3. Hello, when I am going to choose a mod in a new game, my choice of mod is not accepted. I click on the mod I want, but nevertheless the option is not saved. Does the same thing happen to someone?
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