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  1. On point explanation 👍 do you have ideias how to implement it in football manager?
  2. Thaks for your input it defenetly adds that but it's not tight enough and the players still shift too much maybe if I add that ti and pi to all player might do the trick I don't know I'll wait for more awsers
  3. As I know off its used currently by mourinho he used at every team he has managed I will link you Two videos that explain it if you are intrigued. One explains it briefly the general term and one its the mourinho scheme
  4. Is it possible in fm to use Man oriented Zonal Marking if so how can you do it. I would really like to use that it's my preferred way of defending but I don't know how to. Help you'll be massively appreciated
  5. Thanks for the reply but I'm looking for that counter attacking galore like getting from A to B fast on the ME I don't really care about the instructions it can be short passing or whatever I just want the desired effect off counter galore and I will put my own spin on things anyways but I want a solid base I can work on
  6. Knap from the tactics you make that are awesome I would like to know what is the best counter attacking tactic,I don't care if it wins all games or not I want a stable tactic that just kills in transitions do you recommend any?
  7. i meant the left sorry not on the right side
  8. I would make two simple changes but dont take it as great advice as in also a newbie in tactics but in the screenshot u make it seems that your two wingers are not supporting the build up as u wanted maybe try an AP (s) on the right wing and a cm (a) because i dont like two playmakers in the same spot
  9. As i said he can play defensive but he as to start on the front foot. There's a lot of sucessfull big teams that play defensive but they start on the front foot and then retreat.
  10. Myself have tryied to implement counter attacking tactics on big teams and im not good at tactics but i can give u an advise that ive learned wich is try to play somewhat attacking until you score that first goal and then u can go defensive to not concede it will create that pragmatic effect and will garante that you are a defensive side who wins trophy even jose didnt play defensive for 90 min he would start the game to win it then to not bottle it unless its a bigger side where you have to adapt that "big game strategy"
  11. No playing out from the back doesnt automaticly say you are playing possesion i just assumed because of formation and yes playing from the defence but that doesnt mean u are trying to go for possesion football.
  12. Im no tactic expert i struggle a lot too but thats because i force tactics into a team because i have a style of play that i like and formation but ill change that. The advice i have is: u seem to want some kinda of possesion tactic not like 69% of possesion but you want something like that soo what i would do is change the cm (a) to a mezzalla why? u ask easy awser makes sence to have a winger sending crosses and your cm getting in the box to get those crosses but... who will support him if the crossing option is blocked the fb (s)? i think not yes he will get there but by the time he offers support u might already lost the ball the mezzalla offers both he can be in the box for crosses and he can be out wide supporting your winger the cm (s) me personaly im a defensive player soo what i would do is having a role that covers the runs of your IF and Wb and can recycle possesion i dont think a carrilero because then you would have two midfielders who are wide and that would spread the team more than what u wish but you can always try, i would have the cm (s) holding possition. i like your selection of dm i think its the right role either that or a dlp but the dlp will act as the magnet and im not sure you want to have a magnet soo i would leave the dm. at striker if your players can i would use a dlf on attack so he gives space for the underlap of the if. i cant remember more but if i see other problem in your tactic ill keep u updated
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