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  1. I've loved this challenge on previous FMs having once made Serie A as my best achievement anyway, how have you guys found quality of regens from San Marino this year? My main concern is never being able to produce decent regens down the track. Also are most of the clubs regens San Marino or Italian? Anyone had success upgrading youth or training facilities? Any responses greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Aussie here too Started with CM03/04 and have bought every one since! Loving FML now though
  3. Oh cool. What team? The thing is that there are a fair few State-League teams which are in the game, but the leagues are not playable which is quite annoying. And haha, Richmond Tigers supporter? Expecting another loss this week??
  4. In FM09, it would be good if managers of A-League (the Australian league) clubs were able to directly sign players from opposing A-League teams. In real-life, managers are able to sign players from other Australian clubs without restrictions. Currently, when trying to sign a player from another A-League club, it won't let us. Meaning lots of players just leave their clubs and have to wait for the next transfer window to be signed up. Also, a couple more divisions below the A-League would be nice (which were playable). Especially since the teams and players are already in place!
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