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  1. Is it a cheat? I'm happy to win and like to think that my tactic is working.
  2. Wrong screen shot but I'm massively overachieving with West Ham, too unrealistic. I like to struggle a little, before being dominaant...
  3. I know there was an exploit in 2018, seems to still be there. I'm playing a 523 with wingbacks and have been unstopable. Yarmelenko and Anderson as wing backs
  4. I'm always exited about the next fm as I love the game. Match graphics don't seem to have been improved at all, or is it just me.
  5. Noble has just been capped by Ireland on my save. Has he always been available for the Irish? Or is this an error?
  6. Tried another save and the same thing happened again. No registered players for competition. It's a shame because the league setup looks really good. I boosted west hams finances with the editor, could that have affected he game in this way?
  7. Just got to October 1st and the 3rd round of the world club shield with West Ham, none of players are registered for the comp anymore and I can't continue as I can't field a team. Any ideas?
  8. certain skins have the feature built into the full game I think
  9. Bought him for west ham to play as a striker/false 9 and he's done well. Scored some cracking goals and made the 2014 worlds cup dream team substitutes.
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