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  1. I updated the radeon software through AMD and now the game is properly loading again so far.
  2. fixed at least temporarily. not sure how exactly, appears like it may have been a graphic driver issue?
  3. Seems to only affect this game though. Every another installed game loads fine. its new installations that appear to be an issue and FM hasn’t worked in a week after working since day 1.
  4. hey @Hugo Mendes Albino no luck, any reinstall attempt results in a 0x80070005 error code from the game pass store.
  5. I've been having an issue since Friday in which anytime I attempt to load the game, I am redirected to the Microsoft store gaming services app page. This is after being able to load use and play the game without issue for about the previous 3 weeks. If I attempt to load the game from the store, nothing happens at all. no errors either, just nothing.
  6. I'm actually having the exact problem outlined here with the game pass version. I had been using the game for a few weeks and Friday this started happening.
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