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  1. @silence_born try Warrior 41311 Treq. But you need good LM and RM following my experience
  2. @knap can't find this tactic (mad as hatter), can you share the link pls?
  3. I wonder, what's the difference between those two? https://community.sigames.com/topic/451185-fm-20-tactic-list-and-fm-19-recommended-tactic-list/page/292/?tab=comments#comment-12554253
  4. @knap always wanted to learn, have CA impact to tactic's efficience? E.g. will team with CA 120 in league where average CA 100 play better than team with CA 160 in league where average CA 140. I mean does tactic depend on players in my team, or on players in opposite team? Sorry if it's a stupid question
  5. @knap oh, i got it, for me it's the most ovearchievement tactic rn
  6. @knap Yeah, set pieces annoying. Can we expect new warrior today? (thought you've posted a SS with a 10-1 win using this tactic)
  7. @knap Your last warrior tactic is superb, but we can either destroy top team compare to us or lose to underdog (2 loses in half of season to underdogs)
  8. Hi, @Wozzie i hope you remember me. I shared big tactics screen with portraits. I liked Tad skin so much but don't like small tactics screen to be honest. Couldn't you implementbig tactics screen if i shared code with you?
  9. Buddy, out of interest. Why is it efficient to use right-footed WM player (who isn't cut in). Is it because of corners?
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