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  1. Buddy, out of interest. Why is it efficient to use right-footed WM player (who isn't cut in). Is it because of corners?
  2. Jesus, Raptor v4 is so amazing for IR. I lost only 1 game and won another 8 games including games vs top teams and finally won the champhionship
  3. @Totalfootballfan Just realized that you recommend to use vice-versa foot to flank. Is this for WM role too?
  4. Got it. Did the same thing in my save. @Jophilo i will help you
  5. Hello, help me to resolve this issue please. I can't take U21 team responsibilities such as incoming offers/contracts. What's wrong?
  6. Btw, did you use setting up corner and throw-in takers?
  7. I'm playing a Road to Glory career from noname to the world class manager and i took over Man Utd at summer. Results are amazing with Reaving (RDF tweak). Only 3 losses were pointless games where i decided to play with 2nd squad. They are without chemistry and don't fit to positions. David de Gea has 21 clean sheets in 38 games! Awesome, isn't it? Played all games using Instant Result
  8. Ty, i will test your 2 tactics tomorrow. I like to use IR and see how my team develops so much
  9. @Totalfootballfan Hello, if i get you right, you just used holidays to test tactics, right?
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