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  1. I’d have to agree, this version of the game is dreadful. Feels like we are playing something that’s not been tested once. Menus sluggish, random freezes, online doesn’t work, tactics take too long to do. Everything about this game is a let down.
  2. Is there any way to add boxes for attributes or could anyone do it for me? Thanks
  3. I have the original xbox one, I am located in Scotland, also I have tried with and without ethernet cable with no change of results, I have very strong and stable connection so it isn’t that.
  4. Whenever you type something in on the game it freezes for a good 20-30 seconds, it makes the game unplayable. Please fix ASAP
  5. My Review of FM21 so far: This year, FM seems to have taken 2 steps forward but also 1 back. Match Engine Love it, the new animations are class, strikers now finishing 1 on 1s is great. Can’t really fault the match engine at all. New Features For the new features relating to transfers, I am a massive fan of asking agents about availability and interest, makes it easy to know whether or not it’s worth going after a player, fantastic new addition. Sadly I am not a fan of recruitment meetings. They seem pretty pointless because the players suggested to me in the me
  6. I use enhanced match engine with key highlights on an average speed slightly increased from middle. About 70% of a match is pointless text commentary that leads to absolutely nothing and it is taking up a couple of minutes per game. Need an option to turn this off!
  7. So normally other teams games just sim the result within 2 seconds or so however for example, in the europa league its coming in 1 by 1 (i dont have to repeatedly click continue) and sometimes taking up to 10 minutes for all games to have results. Is there a setting where i can just get it to take 2 seconds or is it outwith my control. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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