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  1. Pretty much every twitch stream I bob into people are saying the same thing about this and free kicks
  2. Im talking about direct free kicks ive just conceded 2 in a game from a cb with free kick taking of 6!
  3. I don't have an issue with the odd crazy thing in the match engine the odd keeper clanger happens all the time. But after being too of the league in December with 1 loss all season I updated to the new patch and have lost 7 Inna row with a 6 free kicks conceded and 5 long shots, these did not happen before the patch and it's clearer happening to much! I don't doubt free kicks and long shots go in but the amount at the moment is crazy and killing my enjoyment for the game
  4. Free kicks after the patch are ridiculous almost making the game unplayable! easily a goal every 2 games conceded is a free kick. So frustrating and totally taking the fun out of my save!!
  5. Hi all, I want to make some basic skin changes but having never done this before ive no idea where to start. I would like to change (if possible) Player faces (make them bigger as seen on keyrensie skin) Club overview screen to show the stadium pic (I already have the graphics) Fixtures to show stadium ground Apologies if this is very obvious or cant be done at all jusy though id ask for any help/advice. Thanks
  6. Thanks mate, Will wait for your update and follow instructions from their. Cheers
  7. Top man! Thanks for all your hard work with this!
  8. Is their a way to change the colours in the scouting screen heading!?
  9. All along the top here. Im playing as Bolton Wanderers Thanks SKin.odt
  10. Great work would just love the headings on transfer search pages to be brighter
  11. Thanks Seb, So we should expect another patch on the 2nd?
  12. Wait and see really isn't any use to those of us waiting till full release to start a new save
  13. After the new update are we still expecting a update on Friday 2 Nov for official release? Cheers
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