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  1. My blank season is at then end of the season in Anglian Combination four (15th league). I'm not yet in regional or isthmian.
  2. 8th season. I hope it happens only one single time in a full game.
  3. The saved was the third of June. The previous is one year later so ... Actually, I accept to have a blanck season and reach the next season. Cross fingers for a new start then. It takes a long time to reach the end of the blanck season. I'm in november only During this blank season, the national cups and and european cups work perfectly. I wonder how the game will choose the english teams next season for european cups... Only all national championshiop are broken.
  4. I tried to take an old save before the new season... Fail again, new season doesn't start :((((
  5. If I play friendly matches during this empty season, I will be rich ... for an amator club lol Seriously, if I try to reload game at the end of previous season, is there any chance it works ?
  6. No I don't try it yet because it will be so long (several hours I think). I will try this if I don't have any other choice:)
  7. But Sako who has the same problem never remove any league. So I don't know if it can solve or not the problem. I will try to take an old savegame and not remove old leagues.
  8. @Sako if you find the solution Sako, please tell me. I want to continue my game
  9. Hope someone will save us so. I don't want to loose my game. Hopefully, I did a save at the end of each season to register the results. So I can launch the game not in october of the new season but in the middle of June before new season in case of. In this case, I will just loose the friendly games I did between june and october, don't care.
  10. @Mikado911 do your team play in Anglian Combination in L16 to L12 ?
  11. Yes I removed them when I reach the L 15 . But if Sako didn't remove and has the problem, it's not the good way.
  12. Hi ! I have exactly the same problem !!! I just begin my sixth season (2023-2024) with South Creake (started in L19). The new season doesn't start anywhere in england. Please help us to find what happen. I don't want to loose tons of hours of play :- @ Sako : just a question, do you deleted the L19 L 18 L 17 after you arrived in L 16 or L 15 ?
  13. You can begin now with a team in L19 It's a big challenge. With South Creake, I'm in in L14 now after 5 seasons, each time champion The beginning is easy... except to increase finances ^^
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