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  1. As things stand, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying any Football Manager game on any platform other than Steam. No mods at all on Windows Store/Game Pass and no pre-game editor on Epic. FM21 is out soon and I will be getting it on Steam.
  2. They haven't launched on Epic every year have they? The first time they do so, they do it without the pre game editor. That is why.
  3. I would like to see something from SI to confirm that. I can't see the reason for not including with FM2020 on Epic (which will be available to purchase in a week)
  4. The game being free is really a red herring. I presume that this launch on Epic is to foreshadow FM2021 being on Epic from launch. What I am concerned about is whether things like the pre game editor will be available in the future for later games. If not, is there a chance of FM2021 being exclusive to Epic? This is a big deal for me, and I think , many other players. If FM2021 launches as an Epic exclusive without the ingame editor and ability to mod the game in full, I won't buy it.
  5. I get it that SI prefer the lower fees charged by Epic over Steam, but if Epic are not going to deliver the full FM package, then I will continue to buy from Steam.
  6. I think availability of the game editor (not the ingame editor) is important. I have always bought FM on Steam and I want to know if I can avail of the full experience if I buy on Epic in the future? Does FM2020 Touch come with this like it does on Steam?
  7. Is there support for either the ingame editor or mods yet with this release?
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