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  1. What would you say is the best tactics on this patch ? For all teams, in general ?
  2. I'm using 19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF9P103 with my Harchester. First season I was promoted to Serie A, the problem now is that I leak a lot of goals...I might try positive approach. But I am using wonderkids so I guess the results are ok. Its my second season with this tactics.
  3. What would you recommend ? 19.3.5BEOWULF442WAF9P103 or 4132? I created a new club in serie b in place of Spezia. 442 is OK I m scoring a lot of goals...but 4132 would it be better?
  4. The thing was the instant result. I started using the AP-Att with Positive as away tactics and watching matches I won the last 10 matches and the final in the Eu CUP. Let's see the next season is the key it'll be fourth Thank you
  5. Thank you, I know my Parma isn't the strongest but I just lost 5-1 from Juventus... I used to make tactics back in the days on fm14 etc but wow FM has changed, I'm lost.... Maybe the instant result affects the tactics somehow?
  6. My Parma 3rd season, using the 4-1-3-2 with Matiz tweap AP - Att. For away I use the same with Positive mentality but I still lose from teams in 18th place. any advice?
  7. He changed 4132 and 4141 for away. I get. Many draws with the 4141 but I am currently at young Parma side with 90% wonderkids. Do I keep the positive mentality or just keep the attacking? What's a SUS? Suspension? And what do you mean when you write - Top, Sub, Under in your tactics. I am sorry I haven't played FM since 14
  8. What is MR L test? Is it about the 4132 tactics? And did you use yours on the home and away matches? How do you use instant result on full version? O.o
  9. MR L test? I am speaking about the 4132 matiz tweak Is there marked deterioration?
  10. Ok so I need to use just this 1 tactic? It won't be found out after 3rd season? Currently I am using this as home and another one as away tactics and its so stupid to change home and away because my away tactics all it gets are draws.
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