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  1. Jeez what a dreadful World Cup, not with regards to your performance but two semi-final 0-0s and a 1-0 in the final! Huge achievement getting Kosovo to the Quarters though - should be proud.
  2. How would you feel about going up this year? Think you could handle Ligue 1?
  3. FM13, in my final year of Uni! Had my favourite ever Southampton save. FM12 not far behind. Definitely coincides with a time in my life where I had time to spare!
  4. Great 1st season in Ligue 2! Going professional really must have helped.
  5. May 2020 - End of 2nd Season Fixture Review A solid end to the season. Highlights: Putting the Cherries in their place Lowlights: Losses to West Ham and Palace on the final day of the season are the sorts of games I really want to stamp out. Season Review Quite the incredible season really! 6th place and a European campaign to follow. Negatives: Improved on return against 3rd ¼ of teams, but still some room for improvement. Seems to be more complacency against these sides. Goals conceded from corners (3rd bottom). Central defensive midfield position seems to consistently get low performance ratings. Unsure if this is a ME issue, or if the players I have aren’t well suited to the role. Being dumped out of the cups, with rather unfavourable draws. Need to figure out how to play consistently well against the best teams in the league. Positives: Points taken from (and denied to) teams around us (55.5% of all possible points). Callum Wilson has been a big success, scoring 21 goals in the league. Number of goals overall (4th in the league) and 2nd highest conversion rate. Consistent spells, winning games we should be. Didn’t concede a single penalty all season! No major injuries all season. Squad happiness, managed to give players enough game time. In other news, the title race this year was something else... English teams going deep into Europe had a knock on effect meaning Liverpool played Arsenal on the Wednesday after the final day of the season - winning and overtaking Man Utd. Speaking of Arsenal, they had one hell of a packed May fixture list. On the other side of North London, Spurs had an awful campaign in the league. This resulted in Zidane coming in for Pochettino and then this... And as if that wasn't enough, the Bundesliga saw Hertha Berlin take the title and Atletico Madrid topped La Liga. Utterly bonkers... Tactics The 443 attack from my earlier post seems to still be doing the trick against the majority of teams. I am tweaking a variation of this tactic when I play the stronger teams in the league, with mixed results. The formation does not necessarily stay the same, but I adapt depending on where I anticipate the danger zones are going to be. Key Performers Star man this year has been James Ward-Prowse, who has really impressed after being handed the captains armband, finishing the season as our 3rd highest scorer. Cedric and Wesley Hoedt have both been fantastic for me again. Callum Wilson's arrival really had the desired effect, adding 21 goals to the team and lowering the pressure on Ings to provide the goals. Youth Progress Starting with this years loan contingent, Tyler Adams and Jake Vokins are the two to have really excelled. Both are looking like tidy little youngsters who could very easily be involved in the 1st team, with us hopefully competing on multiple fronts. Josh Sims had a bumpy year with Hamburg, but did finish the season as a DFB-Pokal winner. I really like the look of him, but it is difficult to see exactly where he fits into my team at the moment. I will experiment with him in pre-season and see if there is a way to integrate him. Slattery didn't pull up trees out at Walsall, but continues to develop well. Depending on his performances in the early parts of the season I will decide whether to keep him around the 1st team. Valery and Jankewitz both formed part of my 1st team squad this year. After Jankewitz's blistering start, he struggled to replicate his form consistently. I should maybe take the blame for some of this, as I only used him sporadically. I think I will try and make him a starter in European games this season. Yan Valery ended up as my highest average rating player, however this was from a handful of appearances when Cedric was not available. The plan with him is to continue as is current, unless Cedric leaves. I've realised that I haven't talked very much about my youth intakes! Here is a selection of my most promising newgens to have come through. All apart from Paul Dolan and Stewart Manning are from 1st season intake. Southwood has even already scored for me this year! Summary An excellent campaign. Season 3 ought to be fun. I am hoping for a similar finish in the league and at least one cup run!
  6. Interesting, why that attribute set for closing down taker? Have tended to find they aren't all that effective also. And yeah not looking for an exploit, but more just how to maximise set piece results. Thank you! In pre-season now but I will keep in mind ahead of the next friendlies
  7. It's a tough Ligue 2 you find yourself in there. Nice, Lille and Saint-Etienne ought to be a challenge! Good start though What does Ligue 1 look like these days?
  8. Hadn't realised this was available! Is that the scout report or the data analyst team one? Penalty box strats never seem to pay off for me, but will give your setup a go. Interesting approach with defensive. I tried with no-one on the posts in my last game, but found that the opposition simply crowd the keeper out and that causes all sorts of havoc. It's terrible certainly, but one of my key issues with it is access. I wonder if it would help to have a quick-click link to it on matchday. So often I forget to check the setup I have in place and it will cause all sorts of mad **** to happen, like keeping my tallest CB up front when defending corners...
  9. Hi all, I'm interested in starting a discussion about everybody's approaches to set pieces. It's an area of the game I consider to be important, but don't really understand how to make the most of them. Some of the things I am curious on hearing are: 1. Do people bother setting up routines? If so, which ones? 2. Do people respond to AI strategies with set pieces? 3. How much tactical flexibility do AI managers have with regards to setting up set pieces? What factors affect this? 4. Do people feel that their players follow routines that are set up? What factors affect AI player behaviour regarding this? 5. How should I go about setting up routines? Any rules of thumb? Personally I always make sure to set up corner routines (defensive and attacking) but really can't be bothered with all the other ones. That is mainly the result of frustration of not understanding them! I also think with the way set pieces are implemented at the moment makes them difficult to engage with, and perhaps it would be good to hear some thoughts on how SI could improve this part of the game? (I realise that is typically a discussion for another forum however!) Not necessarily expecting answers to every point, but would be interested to hear what other players think about any of the questions above. Thanks all!
  10. Am afraid I no longer have a save from back then! Sorry!
  11. January 2020 Fixture Review Lowlights: Being dumped out of the FA cup by Liverpool, as I was hoping for a run to the quarters this year. Highlights: An enormous unbeaten run, from mid December to now, has really cemented our position in the table. Overall: Very pleased! Great points gap between us and Everton. Key Performers Ward-Prowse, Hoedt and Cedric continue to excel and Wilson is still getting the goals we need. Dissapointed in Elyounoussi so far this year. Curious to see if the AI managers are still interested in him at the end of the season. Gunn has been whinging so I am going to play him in most games between now and the end of the year, rather than risk losing him. Have been pleased with Boufal and Carillo's contributions on their return to the squad from a year in exile! Youth Progress Jankewitz and Valery continue to shine. I am pleased with the amount of game time I am finding for them at the moment. Alfie Jones has been in the youth team most of this season but I want to try and give him a run and see if he can turn into anything greater. Out on loan, Obafemi is tearing up League 1 with Wycombe and my trio of Freeman, Vokins and Slattery at Walsall seem to be faring well in the Championship. Transfers Just the one incoming - Jonathan Panzo from Monaco. Very highly rated by my scouts and was being released for just £1 million. Couldn't say no to that. For the outs we say goodbye to two center backs, Vestergaard (on a loan to buy) and Yoshida. Panzo slots in very nicely to that gap. Upcoming Fixtures With no cup action left, it's a run of Premier League games to the end. The Everton game will be very important.
  12. Hah! Well good luck with yours. Will be interested to hear how you get on! Are we talking newgens or the players in the team at the start? Thanks for reading!
  13. Think we need a forum party when you make it into Ligue 2. Who knows, maybe this will be your year!
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