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  1. Yes, I can confirm it, I'm sending the picture attached: Still stucks at the loading screen...
  2. Yes, exactly not with that way that Jimmy suggested, to remove the Sport Interavtice folder, and move back. And not with uninstalling and reinstalling...
  3. No, not exactly that's the situation. So in FM16, it doesn't get past the loading screen, it stucks there still, even if I move that folder. In FM19, I reinstalled, and it is fine.
  4. Well, nothing changed, I moved that folder to the desktop, then lunched, made a new folder but still stopped at loading, then I moved the original back, still not working. But instead of playing my FM19 has stopped recognizing the saved games, because I moved that Sport Interactive folder, then back, but can't load my previous games... I have those saves so I don't panic, but I can't play with them... Do you have any idea, solution? Thank you for your help, Mate
  5. No, still nothing, freezes at the loading screen. It switches the loading to every languages, but no step forward...
  6. Yes, I used downloaded tactics before, but it was ok with it previously. I installed in-game editor as well. But I just uninstalled then installed again the whole game, in 1 hour...
  7. Hi there, I have the same problem, with MAC, I didn't use it for 1-2 months, but it stucks at the loading screen. I tried it 1 week ago, and it didn't get better... I have every game since 2015 so it would be great to solve it, 2016 was the best.... Thank you in advance, Bests, Mate
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