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  1. Do you mean keep them back in set piece routines, or by having a deep defensive line in my tactics? Also, I do feel that the attributes are a problem, just not a major one. For example, I managed to beat Real Madrid 1-0 at home somehow, but then struggled against Olympique Lyonnais and lost 1-2 home. I feel like at this point I have the set pieces sorted, but still not sure on how to stop the opponent from crossing the ball into the penalty box for a goal (when they kick/volley it in).
  2. Thank you both for the feedback. Although, I have a few questions. Is there a way for me to cut on the conceding from crosses (not from corners), and also, Haiku, what 4 positions should I keep at the back for the attacking set piece routine? Also, for free kicks, do I keep 4 at the back for all kinds of free kicks (direct, indirect, etc)? By the way, are all those 5 training sessions all you do every week? I'm saying this because for me, that is the default amount of training sessions a week. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am having a problem in FM19 at the moment. I am playing with a small team, but have managed to get great results in the league. However, there has been an ongoing issue, with almost every game I play. No matter what tactic I use, I almost always concede to either free kicks, corners, and/or when the opponent crosses the ball to another opponent in the penalty box, then proceeding to score from either a header or kick/volley. For the league games, this isn't much of an issue, as the opposition usually doesn't score to begin with, or I score more goals than them. However, against b
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