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  1. I attached some matches statistics ,create chances but cant score more than 1 goal.In the champions league cant beat big clubs.I saw other members screenshots and one of them beat RM with rosenborg , someone beat city with benfica or beat 10-2 barcelona with sporting gijon.I don't understand whats wrong in my save.
  2. How important is manager attributes , does it effect tactic or something ?
  3. I'm in 2028 i have good squad i tried so many tactics but none of them bring success , i tried knap tactics other creators tactics but same , i've been using knap or other creators tactics last 2-3 season with good squad but i didn't win even league , at the Champions League i eliminated on gruop stage without single win or 1 win.Also i managing Turkish national team (there are good regens playing at ManC , Juventus etc.) i lost Serbia in Nations League and lost against England EURO 2028.I mostly used 4231 tactics.Need a help.
  4. I'm not using any anti-virus program.Can windows 7 cause this issue ?(Tried windowed mode but same)
  5. I clean up some dust and change the thermal paste but same.
  6. This is results after 20 minute simulation.I'll be try your suggestion.
  7. This is 116k player with 3 league and default database .I tried 51k player and 3 league database above screenshots.
  8. I'm not using any anti-virus program , this is chrome closed screenshot , like i said only matchday CPU spike to %99 , what is relevance memory and processor ? (Btw i was using ''Turkish Super Patch'' on my first careers and only *all* Turkish leagues was playable.But there was a lots of leagues (super league , first league , second league(2 division) , third league(3 division) , 11 regional amateur divisons , 81 super amateur local leagues , 62 local amateur leagues , and extra u 19 leagues/regional leagues , all of them unlocked with 216k player) there was CPU spikes and slow day processing , first screenshot from that career but other screenshots without this Patch.Especially last screenshots without any addons.Is this matchday CPU spikes normal to my CPU (i5 6600k).
  9. Btw when i holiday mode CPU usage spike to +%50-%90 only matchdays or youth team matchdays , offdays cpu usage is normal.
  10. I removed all graphics(logo,faces,skin,kit packs) - deleted caches and preferences but still same
  11. Im using logo,face,skin and kit packs DxDiag.txt
  12. Should i choose ''No paging file'' or ''Custom size'' which one ?Sorry my english not enough for this link :|
  13. Virtual memory settings on automatically manage
  14. I start new save with 51k players / 3 leagues but same
  15. On the screenshot only FM running but otherwise opera browser(youtube,fm forums etc.) running
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