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  1. @Liam1236mate any chance of successful perfoming with this tactic on the previous patch version - not beta?
  2. @knap, what univeral tactic for underdog-middle team will u advise, if to turn off all the exploits? I mean both corners and long throws I usually start unemployed - and join the teams during the season so have no pre-season and a lot of opportunities for strengthening the squad That's why ask for your help - wanna choose 2 or 3 tactics, that could be ok for the teams to save from relegation or to progress from the lower part of the table in minimum period of time And yepp, I don't want to use all the set ups for standarts in order not to make the team's life look unrealistic tha
  3. Guys, could you post defensive st ups for corners, throw ins and free throws separately? I prefer to play with attacking set ups turned off But could build good defensive set ups on my own(
  4. OK, I'll go back to the standart one tactic and believe in my AM (sorry, what's LOE?)) players are concerned, because I was forced to sell one of the key defenders and an atacking midfielder I had no choice - Stoke and swansea offered 10 mln ror each one and I needed money, because we were in red numbers in salary so they didn't agree with me that we had to sell the guys and are a bit unhappy
  5. It's my 1st full season in charge of the club (but 4th in game. I accepted the proposal from Brentford at the end of previous season, moving to club from 3rd division. Played 10 games in previous season with Brentford) Nope - training l myself put according to the schemes that were posted here on site. Team talks by AM standart - you mean without changing to AP?
  6. @knapcould u help me, plz? I couldn't make ur tactics work with Brentford (4th season, Championship, media pred 14th place) The striker (Maupau) usually gets 6.4 rating, both IF make a lot of turnovers But hte greatest problem is defence 2 typical mistakes: 1) the opponents start the attack from the LB or RB, move the ball via flank with the pass and then kill my defense with crosses or cuts 2) the CBs of the opponents use long balls and create 1-on-1 opportunities for strikers. My CB's have 12 speed and acceleration (that's ok for championship) but couldn't beat the strikers
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