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  1. likely there will be, maybe with little to no new features though.
  2. You just got FM'ed. Happens to all of us at times on the game, happens to teams in real life sometimes as well. The fact you were in the round of 16 suggests you either won a cup or finished at least top 7 in the previous season, so you have had some success. Some games will suck
  3. Didn't no that having a stadium named after you could be done but now I.know it's a possibility ill stay at Dyanmo Brest Im in season 11 with them, won 8 Vysshaya Ligas, 5 Belorussian cups and 6 Belorussian super cups. Nit managed to win anything in Europe yet as even 10 years in Im not that strong compared to European Clubs. Made the semi final of Euro Cup II one time and made it out of champions league group stage once. If I stay another 10 years they might name the bew stadium after me. My orginal plan was to move to another club in Belarus to help the league's rep by hopefully improving the European performances of another club
  4. had similar bad luck in cup finals in a Newcastle save, I was posting my progress on this thread From page two of the thread I started posting updates
  5. @Billsmcfc I like to start unemployed with no experience or coaching badges, and start at the bottom, I think its the most rewarding way to play the game. For me, the game is all about the managers legacy. I try to make realistic decisions so if I'm managing at a Vanrama North/South team and get a job offer after a few seasons at a bigger club, more often than not I'll take it. I'll gradually manage bigger clubs until I'm at a top club, bu then it feels organic as your manager as the experience you'd expect a manager to have at a top job.
  6. But he's smashed it and hes moaning about winning
  7. A player in my Game called Andrey Pugach is a centre back who came of my youth academy in 2024 while I was managing Gomel, he played 130 games for and won 3 league titles and 3 national cups with me while I was manging Gomel. (see below look at bottom right hand corner ) However when you read his Bio, it says he only played 10 games for Gomel and doesnt credit him for honours he won there, he played pretty much all league games for so it should have said he won 3 league titles at Gomel. Look at screenshot below you can see he doesnt
  8. Is that because you were using a dodgey key seller. If you use steam directly the payment methods dont alter
  9. no you can just pay the price of the via paypal, skrill or direct from your bank
  10. I never send them home because recovery time of using club docotr is quicker and it doesn't always spread. Most the time 1 other player will get the same illness
  11. So my favourite part of this game with the tactic, is shaping my squad to be perfect for this tactic. Lets look at the team and see what I need for next season GKs Jordan Pickford - real life I think Everton should look to sell him, however in game hes a great goalkeeper, only 26 and as long as bigger clubs dont turn his head hell be my number 1 keeper for a few years to come. Joao Virginia - 20 year old under study of Pickford, has potential to grow but not potential to ever challenge Pickford, however good enough to play games Europa League/Early Carbao & FA Cup ties. Hes happy to be back up doesnt complain about game time so hes my number 2 for years to come. DEFS (FULLBACKS) Djibiril Sidibe - Just like real life everton have a decsion to make on whether to buy him for 14 million, hes been my first choice ahead of Coleman most the season and can fill in right midfield when Theo Walcott picks up injurys. He has good all round with no weaknesses I'm tempted to buy him. Seamus Coleman - Similar stats to Sidibe, not quite as effective going forward and not as athletic. However a driven personality hes great for mentor groups for my younger players. Hes 31 and set to decline so I'm still undecided. Jonjoe Kenny - On loan at Schalke04 and performing well and showing improvement in his game, hes around the same level as Coleman and Sidibe. There isn't room in the sqaud for 3 right backs and I want to keep Kenny. May look at selling Walcott and using Sidibe as a back up right winger, or even re training Kenny to be a right winger as he has the stats. Leighton Baines - Everton legend but hes 35 and on a high wage, might keep him for his personality in the squad and hes still good enough to be back up for Digne. Lucas Digne - One of my best players, 26 in his prime will be first choice left back for a few years yet, unless hes poached by a bigger club. DEFS (Centre Backs ) Yerry Mina - Solid centre back, very good physical stats and important for this tactic he has good composure & team work so he doesnt cock up the offside trap. Hes only 25 so hes in the same position as my other top players, hes staying unless bigger teams poach him. Mason Holgate - Good partnership with Mina, has good composure & Team work as well as being a good defender, hes staying. Michael Keane - Better raw defender than Holgate & Mina, also better in the air. Lacks composure to be first choice in this system but his fine back up and a good option to bring on to see out games when I drop a little deeper. Jarrad Branthwaite - only 17, hes already more composed than Michael Keane and has the potential to my best defender, hes already getting games. Hes a good fit for the system and could be an elite defender. MIDS (LEFT Sided playermaker) Alex Iwobi - Retrained him from an attacking AML, hes learned the role very fast and is currently player of the season with 11 goals & 5 assists from 28 games. I though I'd have to spend a lot of money to get this position right, as its the most important position in the system, but Iwobi has stepped up and made the role his own. Bernard - Not learned the role as quick, but being right footed a good dribbler and creative makes a good fit to provide competiton for Iwobi, would sell him for a good offer due to his high wage. MIDS (right Winger) Theo Walcott - Doing a job this season, missing a lot of games with little injuries though, no plans for him to stay after this season SELL Jack Vale - 18 year old kid on loan from Blackburn, decent stats for his age but low determination means he may not develop to the level he needs to, I'm unlikely to buy. MIDS (Centre ) Andre Gomes - One of my best players, performs well in the midfielder support role. Younousse Sankhare - Done a job this season, was a free transfer and will look to sell for profit next season. Jean Phillip Gbamin - When he finally plays he should be one of my star players, very athletic, hard working and good defensive stats. Ideal centre midfielder defend to cover the left side of the pitch. Tom Davies - Unsure, hes average in all areas, not creative or defensively solid enough to excel in either midfield role, but for now hes adequate cover for either role, will look to replace but its not urgent. Gylfi Sigurdsson - Found it hard to find a place in the team for him, hes under performed in the wide player role, and hes been average in the centre midfield support role, over 30, high wage, doesnt fit into system will be selling. CFs Moise Kean - Been fantastic, scored 15 goals from 28 games. Hes young and improving hope I can keep hold of him. Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Been alright, like @kr10 has said the PF(s) role isn't working as it should, will look to try a DLF (s) or a false 9 if thats the case he might have to be sold. Richarlerson - He might have to go, would get a massive fee for him, currently hes not getting into my team. In pre season I'll experiment with the DLF /F9 role if that works he be a starter.
  12. So I'm playing a save with Everton, will be long term and looking to build a the whole club based on this system and hopefully dominate world football. I'm towards the end of the first season, like most 1st seasons on Football Manager you cant change the squad too much as its hard to sell and buy players at the start of the game because clubs have done their transfer business. I ended up selling Delph & Schneiderlin in January because they were both complaining about lack of first team football. Signed Younousse Sankhare on a free transfer to be my centre midfielder defend, hes has good tackling, work rate, strength, stamina & work rate, team work etc. Typical hard working athletic midfielder, hes in to cover Gbamin for the season as Gbamin start the game with a 10 month thigh injury. Also signed Jack Vale from Blackburn on loan in January, hes an 18 year old right winger with relatively average all round stats. Got an optional future fee of £4.5 million if I want him, hes playing regular because Walcott is rarely fit. Attached in this post is @kr10 tactic, the old link was for FM19 and its expired. Kr 10 4-4-2 inverted .fmf
  13. There not but its still more difficult than being a top team with plenty of resources.
  14. ****s sake you get my point, managing lower league is generally harder than managing a top team with plenty of resources. For some reason Ebbsfleet was the first lower league team I thought of. How about Maghull FC in the West Cheshire Division 1, with no money, no staff and no players and a terrible ground and facilities. Been at that Maghull game and and 7 years in still in very low division (north west counties premier )
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