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  1. Player conversations are terrible and have been since they were introduced
  2. I often forget to do to touchline shouts and i generally win more than I loose with poorer teams. I think the impact of shouts is minimal
  3. @nick1408 With Sidibe just do what ever gets you best results in game from him, his play is too erratic to be a football manager role. Instructions like get further forward and dribble more are Sidibe like, if you want realism you want to be exposed on the right hand side from him being out of position, this is were id ensure the denfsive minded of your midfield two play on the right hand side. Sidibe is strange player, love the guy he creates a lot for us and can win the ball back with his physicality but he's sometimes woefully out of position and doesn't smell danger. Id set Digne to full back attack, I think it's his natural in game role as well.
  4. Need to see tactic your trying to be able to help.
  5. @nick1408 A few things ove noticed that are not how Everton play, so they might not be advisable changes to make a a better FM tactic but changes that reflect real life more. First of all the full backs, Digne doesnt get to far forward anymore, on occasion hell get far up In the space Bernard creates drifting into number 10 space. However he doesn't bomb forward as much as the analysis suggests. For realism Digne would be a wing back on defend when Bernard is not playing ahead of him. This leads me to Sidbe, hes a totally unpredictable player and it's very hard to get a role in FM to reflect this. He's often way to high up the pitch, he frequently makes runs on the overlap and sometimes fairly narrow inside. He's a player who should be on attack duty what ever role hes in to reflect how he really plays. Also distribute to Full backs is limiting Pickford, if its on hell go long to DCL to create a counter. Finally the tactic is always tweeked somewhat depending on who plays, ie Coleman plays when we want the right hand side more solid, with Sidbe pushed up to RM. Michael Keane plays we intend to play deeper, as him and Mina paired are very tall to head crosses out.
  6. I can nornally nullify most teams but some games I conceed a set piece or a wonder 40 yard strike which You have to accept is nothing to do with your defending. (By set play I mean a **** direct from a free kick, any crosses in the box can often be defended with good enough centre backs. The issue I have is balancing keeping an attacking threat, with workmen midfielders, full backs on defend and a deeper defensive line its hard to threaten the opposition goal. However it can be still be done, I have my two wingers and two forwards as my attacking threat. One winger is a traditional winger on attack duty, needs exceptional pace, dribbling and crossing. Other wide player is an Inverted Winger on attack duty, generally just look for the best all round player attacking player you can find for this role, this player like the other winger won't have any support from his full back so doesn't have to worry to much defensively. Strikers I have one as an advanced forward, Pace & Accel as high as possible and a pressing forward who support whos hard working , aggressive and brave. Also a striker in bench or to rotate whos a targetman to go route one if you have to. This tactic normally enables me to shithouse my way up lower leagues and only fails somewhat in top leagues, were you draw to many games
  7. I've managed about 5 years in Wales and won the Welsh Cup once with Llandudno and finished 2nd in my last season before moving on. TNS are like Celtic they are so much better than the rest of the league. At that level you have to accept most the time players you get wont improve, they are likely as good as they will get when you sign them. So constantly looking for upgrades to your team is a must show loyalty to no one. In terms of tactics I played Pulis ball, defend narrow, play fast and direct and play and train on set pieces.
  8. going to stick with the game, teams are now strong and I'm struggling in this new league, good times
  9. Just one tactic and I make in game changes depending on what happens in game
  10. @sporadicsmiles @Welshace No forgot about as I don't normally manage so low down, that explains a lot. I kind of don't want to start again because I'm invested in this save now, but I think I likely wouldn't have gotten back to back promotions if I'd ticked that option. I'll see how it goes this season, if most the teams are full of grays ill have to restart.
  11. Anyone used one of these? How did you find it ? Has anyone gone up from bottom level to top ? I've started one with Maghull FC (my home town club) they are a level 11 team playing in the West Cheshire Division 1. Ive found the data bases are pretty good any include all the league structures, players are missing though so all teams ive encounted start with no players other than greys. This is probabily the biggest problem with it, the AI has really dragged there feet populating their teams, ive had two back to back promotions because the other teams in my league on the whole havnt bothered to populate their squads with players. Currently in my third season in the North West Counties Premier Division, think I'm about 2 levels below the Vanamrama North now. Ive also found money an issue, there just isn't any money at this level, even less so than Vanarama level. I guess this is realistic, but its a challenge. The Club bleeds money despite paying no player wages or appearance fees, money goes on travel costs, other and staff wages. Anyway it's a great challenge but I think the game doesn't really start until about Vanarama level as other clubs just don't attempt to be competitve.
  12. thats a hell of a lot of money for that level, even with the third round tie
  13. My thoughts exactly I was too lazy to articulate it like that though lol
  14. Apart from the DLF the roles are how I set up mine in direct 4-4-2 tactics.
  15. If you want to play direct I would... Remove distribute to Full Backs, playing direct the keeper needs to go long when something is on, I wouldn't restrict the keepers options here. Remove counter press, just high pressing and attacking mentality is enough, your players will be having heart attacks, id still consider dropping to positive. Consider a pressing forward on Support duty in instead of DLF, suits fast tempo and will be more effect at pressing in general. Remove Pass into Space, would only use this during match not as part of tactic. Y Its probabily causing you to give the ball away too often.
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