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  1. Blackburn haven't blocked my transfers, letting me sign a 29 year old Vincent Jansen, and a 29 year Roberto Gaglairdini so its all good. As long as I perform well in competitions I think the board will overlook me not singing young players.
  2. To expand on this, I started a save with Crystal Palace, finished first season in 6th, a very good season with just the Palace team, no signings. When the board update the club vision they slipped in "Sign players under 23 for first team" and would negotiate at all on it. They started blocking any transfers I made for players over 23, so I left the club. When questioned by media why I left the club there was no way to say its because the board had a vision I never agreed to, and when the board force that club vision, there is no way to protest it, or give an ultimatum.
  3. I wish the board in this game were either more open to negotiation in club vision, or you have the option to protest it and walk out the job. I'm on my third club in this save now because every club wants me to bring in young players.
  4. A lower league Data base will have the league's you want. Remember a save I had with Basingstoke in a earlier FM game when they were In the Vanarama North (think it was called Vodkat or something then) Stayed for 15 at the club, got them to the championship, then left 3 games before the end of first season in championship because I'd lost the dressing room and we were going to get relegated, my head got turned by Meallurg Liptesk in Russia so I left and stayed their about 5 years before retiring Great save
  5. Always manage in Belarus, starting in Their second division. They only have two divisions, so not really LLM management, however the level is, and the finances are just as tough. In some cases worst as Belarus as a country is struggling and the.game does reflect that
  6. Started as my.club Everton, couldn't sign anyone as you never can in first season as you don't have much budget and clubs won't buy your players Was doing ok, in 8th after 33 games, got sacked because Europa League Qualification became impossible. 2 weeks later got the Leicester job, who were bottom of the league and already relegated. 11 games with Leicester in the championship currently top, with a much changed Leicester side as most had to be sold. Big players like Ndidi, Tielmans, Perreria, Solanciu, Schmichael, Gray, Barnes, Perez, Castange, have all lef
  7. A little background on the team Its just the Everton team, with a couple of players moved on and Frimpong a very fast young right back brought in to add pace to the right hand side and give James Rodriguez a good option down the line, as Coleman hasn't got the legs for it. Before swapping to your tactic I was on a 3 game loosing run, latest result was a thrilling but humiliating derby defeat, loosing 5-3 to Liverpool. So 1st game of new tactic was a home game against 6th place Leeds (were 7th) Match Report : A winning start to the tactic, according to XG I out per
  8. @kr10Time to test your tactic in fm2021, ive been a loyal user of this tactic since you first posted it back on fm2019. I'm Everton in PL, currently half way through season in 8th using my own tactic, will swap to yours and post with results to follow.
  9. Normally have to do that anyway, as no one buys your players in first window and unless your a really big team you have little budget in first window.
  10. Were as the tactics section of these forums gone ? I have a tactic I'm struggling with and want some feedback and help, cant find the section and when I search my old posts from that section they look to have been archived
  11. likely there will be, maybe with little to no new features though.
  12. You just got FM'ed. Happens to all of us at times on the game, happens to teams in real life sometimes as well. The fact you were in the round of 16 suggests you either won a cup or finished at least top 7 in the previous season, so you have had some success. Some games will suck
  13. Didn't no that having a stadium named after you could be done but now I.know it's a possibility ill stay at Dyanmo Brest Im in season 11 with them, won 8 Vysshaya Ligas, 5 Belorussian cups and 6 Belorussian super cups. Nit managed to win anything in Europe yet as even 10 years in Im not that strong compared to European Clubs. Made the semi final of Euro Cup II one time and made it out of champions league group stage once. If I stay another 10 years they might name the bew stadium after me. My orginal plan was to move to another club in Belar
  14. had similar bad luck in cup finals in a Newcastle save, I was posting my progress on this thread From page two of the thread I started posting updates
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