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  1. The U19-Championships are broken. The 4 teams promoted from the regional playoffs often (although not always) ends up in a championship-limbo, completely dropping out of the league-system from that point, only participating in the cup and friendlies. I tried simming to 2040 and saw that the total number of participants in the regional championships continued to dwindle down from 247 teams in 2019 to 214 teams in 2040. I'm not completely sure, but it seems that the U19 teams that win the playoffs and actually ends up in the national league has a main team that plays in one of the two top tiers. The other teams that get promoted also seems ot be random teams that might not even have reached the regional playoffs (also with a main team that plays in one of the two top tiers) A second, issue is that going from the season 2019 to 2020 theres a large shift of the teams between the different regions. Some make less sense than others. Troms/Hålogaland, as an example, goes from 16 teams to 10. 7 teams are shifted to other regional divisions. (1 team is relegated down to this division) All the teams that are shifted are geographically the farthest south/west. This is where the 16 teams end up: 9 teams continue in Troms/Hålogaland 2 teams ends up in Nordland (The region which borders Troms/Hålogaland to the south/west) 5 teams ends up in Telemark (A region on the opposite side of the nation) The total number of participants in the regional championships goes from 247 in 2019 to 242 in 2020, so it seems that this shift also puts some teams in that "limbo-zone". The shift only seems to happen from 2019 to 2020. A third issue is that the national U19 league only has 11 teams in 2019 before being 14 teams from 2020.
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