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  1. Someone did that , maybe not with the game editor ... So I want to know how did he do it
  2. someone told me he edited the start date but I cant remember who told me . He said there are no game schedule so he never played with that DB I think if I can edit the schedule and add some legend players like ronaldo , zidane then I can play the old seasons in FM2020
  3. I want to play the game from 2006-2007 season is there a way to edit the start date ?
  4. Very sad I spent £28.44 but the game doesn't work . I guess I have to continue the pirate version .
  5. OH NO ! I downloaded the FM2012 from the steam but the game can't start ! The game crashed after all the logo came out ! HELP !
  6. Downloading from the steam I hope I can play my saved games
  7. I bought a steam Key from CJS ! It took me £28.44 ! Too expensive !
  8. HELLO ! I am a FM player and I played FM2012 many years . I download the game from the Internet so it's a pirate version . I want to buy the genuine version right now but I can't find it in STEAM . Anyone can tell me how to buy FM2012 ?
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