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    A massive Football Manager fan. Looking to enrich the gaming experience by setting up extremely well organized H2H leagues that will also help disseminate the game worldwide.

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  1. I am putting a news article about it which should post within the next month. I am also finishing up the deck...stay tuned.
  2. Hello all, I've had two people contact me with interest about the FM E-League concept idea. Post or message me if you would like more information. Let's make this a reality! I have reattached initial slides to this post as well. FM E-League Concept DRAFT.pdf
  3. Abdi, sorry for the delay. Apparently I am not getting notifications that someone has posted on my boards. So far I have one other person that is interested in the league. It is actually a rather structured and comprehensive idea that I have around this league. Attached you will find a slide about it. I can send you more information if you are interested. FM E-League Concept DRAFT.pdf
  4. I think this is a great idea, actually. I have been thinking about organizing an e-Sport league for quite some time and have even started to develop a concept for it that includes a PowerPoint presentation. The first two slides are attached to this post. If you are interested in the whole deck or adding ideas, send me a post or message. In a nutshell, the concept is similar to Albert's idea of starting small with 8 teams. At its core, this would be a grassroots initiative, started for managers like us, for the good of the FM game and to make it a better experience for all that are interested. At first it would be pretty basic competition, just as Albert has alluded to, with the teams playing in a league / cup throughout the year with an agreed-upon set of rules by all. Via an iterative process, we would improve the organization of the league and eventually come up with a format that includes several teams and divisions, including promotion and relegation, that is very professional on how it is managed and enforced, with perhaps a paid monthly membership. The end result is to mimic as much as possible the current organization of leagues in the real world but migrate it to a virtual setting. Would there be e-managers trying to "beat the system"? Of course! But this is to be expected, especially in the initial stages, but the end result in the long term would be a much better game play and also provide an incentive to the FM programmers to improve the game further. Let's continue talking! FM E-League Concept DRAFT.pdf
  5. Hello all, Can you indicate if any of you are based in the United States? I'm looking to organize a league of U.S. based Football Manager players with the upcoming FM2020 release and crown the U.S. FM Manager. Post if interested and let me know what state you are based in. Thanks, Jurgen E-Klopp
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