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  1. This has worked but it's very unstable. The first time I launched the game, I was able to access my cloud save but it crashed instantly after loading. When I relaunched the game, I was able to load the save through the 'Most Recent' button and it loaded successfully. I was able to progress a couple of hours in-game and save successfully to the cloud. When I tried to save locally to create a save file on my laptop, the game crashed.
  2. I think I started saving locally but switched to cloud.
  3. That xml file is the only file in the folder. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game previously trying to get it to work. Maybe I lost the save then?
  4. Hey, Ya, it crashes whenever I click the load game button, on both PC and desktop. I had switched to saving to the cloud I think but I've uploaded my game file that is in My Documents/Sports Interactive. It's named 'No1Scruff - 18.07.19'.
  5. I'm the OP. The issue still hasn't been resolved for me. I've tried on both my laptop and desktop but the game still crashes. My DxDiag for the desktop is attached, don't know if it's any use? The fact that it's happening on two completely different devices makes me think it's definitely an issue your end rather than mine. I'm able to play other games from the Game Pass app without problems. Hope ye can sort it out. DxDiag - Desktop.txt
  6. Hey, My DxDiag is attached and I'm running Version 1906.1002.24.0 of the Xbox (Beta) app. DxDiag.txt
  7. My situation is pretty similar to the one outlined here: I'm an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscriber (up until 2021). I installed the game about a week ago. I had some issues getting it up and running, I had to uninstall a Windows Update, but I got it working in the end. When playing the game, it would crash about 80-90% of the time when I saved the game, either autosaving or manually saving. Happened both when I was saving locally and saving to the cloud. It always completed saving, however, so it was just a matter of relaunching the game and picking up from where I left off. Ran into issue a couple of days ago. While playing my career, I tried to load a previous save and the game crashed while doing so. This appeared to corrupt my save as any time I tried to select my 'Most Recent' save from the start screen, I would get a message telling me it failed to load and the game would load a duplicate of my manager avatar that would glitch into the other one. When I press 'Load Game' from the start screen, the game will crash almost instantly. I have the game installed on both a laptop and a PC and the same things happens on both devices. I also cannot start a new career. I can chose my team and set up my manager profile but once that is complete, the game crashes. I have tried the following steps to resolve the issue but none worked: - Reinstalled the Xbox (Beta) app - Reinstalled Football Manager 2019 - Reset the app in Windows - Changed the graphics quality in game to 'Very Low'
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