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  1. So you cant remove all the players from the database, if not doing it manually? Anyone have an empty DB FM20 to share me?
  2. Hi there! This maybe be little too much but im gonna request it anyway: I'm trying to do a kind of 90's Brazil competition. But there are some formats of championship that i dont know how to make them (like apertura-clausura style or opening-closing stages) so here are my request for you to make in this file Opening and Closing Stage (with finals between the winners of each stage) with relegation in an overall table: -Campeonato Gaucho (Rio grande do Sul state championship) -Campeonato Paranaense (Parana State cship.) -Campeonato Catarinense (Santa Catarina State cship
  3. Hi there! I have a crazy idea because of this tweet to make a closely database for the years between 1890-1910. I'm starting in South America (because i'm from there, and it is easy for me to search info) with these project. I already finished Uruguay, and i'm making Argentina right now. I also made the River Plate cups (the most prestigious at the time in South America) and i'm looking forward to make Brazil and Chile next, and finish all the countries in South America. I hope you like this and maybe (why not?) help me with the countries you want/like to make. And last, i'm leaving
  4. Love this! Im leaving a suggestion for you, as an alternative version of this: Doing Falkland Island League as the rest of the CONMEBOL leagues structure, i mean as playing an "Apertura" and "Clausura" (Opening and Closing Stage). But is only a suggestion, its on you if you want to make it or not. But just for this, Thank You!
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