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  1. A feature similar to NBA 2K, where ongoing transfers between clubs can be blocked. For example, the user, using the in-game editor, can go onto a player’s profile that is currently in contract negotiations with another club and there being an option to “Cancel all current negotiations“. We can currently force transfers so it’d be really nice to be able to block transfers too.
  2. I was running a simulation where a created club developed a natural competitive rivalry with both Manchester clubs, where the three clubs where always fighting for the league. The issue is that consistently these clubs sell their best players to one another, which is unrealistic. I then used the in game editor to prevent this but a transfer of an important player still happened between a Manchester club and the created club, even though their rivalry was at 80/100. Seems like this shouldn’t be happening as clubs wouldn’t sell their star players/wonderkids to title rivals in real life.
  3. After posting, I remembered Fulham who are are prime example of this lol
  4. The percentage of in-game newgens that are black is not high enough. If you look at the real world, in leagues like the Premier League and the French 1st division, to name a couple, there are loads of black players... but in FM, there are barely any. I mean, it's just not realistic. As a Chelsea supporter, most of the development squad are black players whilst about half of the first team are black, same can be said with Man U and Arsenal but in FM maybe a handful of newgens in the WHOLE league will be black. Please address this SI.
  5. Am I the only one that’ll love to see this game on Xbox/PS. I think the reason why we haven’t gotten it yet was because of how bad it was, controlling the game via a controller, but with Xbox One’s mouse support surely there is now some leeway for the game to be released on the console. Added to this, most people’s Xbox Ones are more powerful than their PC so it’ll be much more ideal having the game on console.
  6. Please remove/increase the 5m p/w wage budget cap from the in-game editor to give players more freedom in this sense.
  7. Ayoooo

    Newgen Hair

    It breaks the immersion of the game when one week, a new-gen has an Afro then the next he’s bald.. but then 2 days later, the fully defined Afro is back. The faces look better than ever, but the hair stuff is just so annoying.
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