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  1. Had some issues with my PC (hopefully resolved now) meaning I haven't got started yet on my South American career. Ready to go now but might start in December 2018 instead. I usually start with the first transfer window disabled, but does anyone know what that means in Brazil? I noted this from another site about Brazilian transfer windows: Transfer windows & restrictions: (1) 29 December 2018 to 06 September 2019 (domestic transfers only), (2) 01 January to 30 April 2019 (foreign transfers only) and 12 July to 15 August 2019 (foreign transfers only) Anyone know what window(s) would be 'closed'? Both the first domestic and foreign? Just domestic? Just foreign?? Cheers!
  2. Hello! I've just recently purchased FM20 and wanted to do a career that is a bit different to what I normally end up doing (I've only ever managed once outside of England and Scotland in all of the football management games I've ever played, which is a lot I tell you - how crazy is that??). I had the idea of a career in South America and then found this thread! Initially I thought Brazil, then switched to Argentina, then back to Brazil again! After much deliberation I've settled on my choice of club...Cruzeiro. Relegated at the end of the 2018 season to Serie B (first time in their near 100 year history!), their season was blighted by financial trouble and corruption, ultimately ending with relegation. They are one of the most successful teams in the history of Brazilian football, so what better way to start my managerial career than by getting this club back to where it belongs. Really excited to do a completely different (and refreshing) career on FM20.
  3. Thanks @Overmars! Interesting stuff. Will keep those things in mind when I get started on an FM20 career.
  4. So I've only gone and done it! Despite saying in a post back in October that I likely wouldn't be buying FM20, the lure of a discounted price has led to me becoming yet another owner of the game. It wasn't just the price though. I've actually missed the discussions on this forum (and the arguments too to be fair - ha!) so am now busily catching up as best I can. Now I went all-in with FM19, using this forum, youtube etc.., to make my own 'hints and tips' guide to help me play the game (sad huh?). So I'm still very much committed to FM19 and will be playing FM20 alongside my FM19 careers. So...what should I be looking out for in FM20 that is different to how FM19 plays? I already know about the new features (club vision, development centre etc..) and have seen there are a few new training sessions you can run. Anything else I should be aware of? I'm assuming the way tactics and training work has not changed much but be good to hear from those that have played both FM19 and FM20 and if they have to approach parts of the game differently. Now off to do some more forum catch up!
  5. I would almost argue it should follow how the positions show on screen from left to right: DL - DC - DC - DR AML - AMC - AMR Same on the squad screen. I've always found the ordering of positions to not be very intuitive. Or maybe it's just me!
  6. You can already select English leagues down to Vanarama North/South in the game. No option for lower than that though.
  7. Absolute legend. Signed him for every team I managed in CM 99/00 (and that's alot of teams!).
  8. I won't be buying FM20 but I'm probably not the best benchmark! A) I only bought FM19 in June and am the grand total of 5 months into my Tottenham save (a long-term one hopefully). B) My previous FM purchase was CM 99/00 (so not a regular buyer of the game!) C) I would also like to try a lower league save on FM19 too (eventually). Looking at my history of purchases I am, however, looking forward to FM2039. I spend more time on this forum than playing the game, but I think once FM20 is released I won't be as regular a visitor as chances are the discussions won't have as much relevance to the game I'm playing.
  9. I reckon it would. I've always done them myself but it makes sense it would work with the AM holding the briefing.
  10. I raised this in the tactics forum as I was conducting the pre-match briefing with all slots vacant and was getting no reaction from the squad. Then @zlatanera advised me that you need players in positions to get any benefit. Now I get (mostly) positive reactions when I select various options during the briefing. I created a couple of line-ups on the 'quick pick' menu on the Squad screen, then select one or the other just before the tactical brief depending on my next opponent.
  11. Not sure if this will help anyone, but I've found success with the 'Show some passion' shout to individual players with body language of yellow 'complacent'. Usually check back after 10-15 mins and it's changed to green 'Fired up by the feedback'.
  12. You can also change the thresholds and colours if you want. In my game 1-5 are red, 6-10 are yellow, 11-15 are blue, and 16-20 are green. This really helps me anyway!
  13. Having never played the Touch version (or FM13..or FM16!) I don't want to advise either way. Maybe just try FM16 Touch and see how you get on? Seeing you already own it you've not got anything to lose. Edit: ok it looks like I did give advice...
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