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  1. Ultimate Soccer Manager! My god that game was good - ha! Just think, in 15 to 20 years they'll be saying the same about FM19. "Hey guys, remember when you had to choose a pre-written sentence in order to interact with players?" "I know! And the best they could offer was a 3D match engine!" Bring back Premier Manager on the Mega Drive I say.
  2. Because it's a classic. It's the same for me with CM 99/00. I still play it now (recently started a career as Cheltenham Town in Division 3), and whilst I've not played loads of FM19 yet, if I had to choose between the 2, then it's CM 99/00 every time. For most it's because it was the game that defined their teenage (and beyond) years. I much prefer the retro game scene than the modern one.
  3. If my memory serves me correctly I remember the legend David James saving a shot once with his afro, so hair style could well be the difference maker between 3 points or 1!
  4. Rejoice people! For I have played my opening match! A 2-0 victory against the U23's (although some U23's had to play for me due to lack of players!). In fact it was an U23 who got my first goal (great strike from Nkoudou). Really looking forward to this career now! I noticed after the game that 2 players had been given the following day off (I think I read somewhere on this forum that this happens automatically if a player finishes the game with condition below 75%?). No problem with that, but the next day I have a recovery session planned. Does this mean those 2 players miss recovery? Sounds a bit counter-productive as a player with low condition could probably do with a recovery session, but I may have misunderstood how it works. Anyone know? Oh, I have my training intensity for all my players set to 'auto', so that it keeps to the settings on the intensity section on the 'Rest' tab.
  5. Thanks for the responses! Think I'll stick with a mininal amount of social media news for now.
  6. I know I'm only 1 game day into my very first FM19 career, but I was signed up to follow nearly 400 social media accounts! Ridiculous! So I cut it down to 3 - ha! My question is though, how vital is the social media part of the game? Will I miss out on key information by not following accounts? I've assumed it's just a 'nice to have'. However, say, for example, a club bids on a player who I have on my shortlist. How do I find out? Inbox item? Social media? News item? Thanks!
  7. I've recently started playing FM19 and at the start you get a choice to select either the 19.1 or 19.3 (I think) database. Choose 19.1 and it's the original line-ups. Choose to disable the first transfer window too if you want the squads to remain the same as at the start of last season.
  8. I've recently started playing FM19 and at the start you get a choice to select either the 19.1 or 19.3 (I think) database. Choose 19.1 and it's the original line-ups. Choose to disable the first transfer window too if you want the squads to remain the same as at the start of last season.
  9. Thanks to everyone who has replied, either with little bits of advice or with memories of the CM days! So I do have an update (of sorts) for you. I say 'of sorts' because I'm a few hours in but haven't pressed 'continue' yet! Expected this to happen though as just trying to get to grips with things. So what have I done so far? 1. Reviewed all 3 squads (1st team, U23, U18) and noted some of my young players to keep an eye on. Offered new contracts to Vertonghen, Alderweireld, and Dembele (maybe should have negotiated more than I did - lesson for the future I think!). 2. Set up my tactics. I have my main one which will be used majority of the time, a more attacking one for home games against lower league opposition in cups or just struggling prem sides, and a more defensive counter-attacking one for the big away games in league/europe. 3. Tried to set up set pieces. Prob my least favourite part so far (just because it took ages to do!). Wondering if I should have just left it on default and tweaked it now and then! What do others do? 4. I've actually taken a u-turn with training and am now going to take over control of it. What's the worst that could happen eh? 5. Offered contracts to get some more coaches etc... Am I right that to get U23 or U18 staff you need to place adverts? No option that I could see on the staff search screen to search for those positions. 6. Um, read alot more on this forum about stuff and quite alot of youtube (prob too much but useful!). Anyway, I need to just get on with it now. Got a match tomorrow (whenever tomorrow comes!) against my U23's. As Spurs are so awesome (no bias at all there) most of the 1st team are on holiday following performing at the world cup, so I plan to promote some U23's to the senior squad for pre-season, and if they do well they can stay there. Must.Press.Continue. Wish me luck!
  10. Yes I will do. Progress will likely be slow, but if I’m not going to upgrade again for another 20 years I’ve got plenty of time!
  11. I’ll admit I currently have my assistant manager dealing with training - maybe something for me to get involved in at a later date! I’ve read quite a lot of the guides which should hopefully give me a good start, but yes the micro-management side might have to wait for now. Oddly, the part I’m most looking forward to is the scouting aspect. I very rarely, if ever, used scouts in CM 99/00 as it seemed no matter where I sent them or what criteria I gave them, they always came back saying they couldn’t find anyone suitable - ha! I also realised after I posted that there are probably alot of people on this forum that weren’t even born when CM 99/00 was released. A sobering thought. Mind you my very first football management game was, in fact, Football Manager. I mean the original Football Manager by the legend Kevin Toms! Played that on my BBC Micro - haha! He started the football management game genre, so we all have alot to be thankful to him for.
  12. Hello Football Manager community! Have recently signed up to this forum because, you guessed it, I’ve bought Football Manager 2019! What’s maybe more interesting about this is that the last Football Manager game I bought was before it was even called Football Manager! Yes that’s right folks, the last FM game I played was in fact Championship Manager 99/00. CM 99/00. What a game that was. I literally poured hours and hours into it. I would probably go as far as saying it has been THE stand out game for me. The likes of Javier Saviola and Tonton Zola Moukoko were the ‘wonderkids’ (not that they were called that back then), attribute masking was still a future SI dream, and you played every game with ‘commentary only’ because, um, that was the only option you had! I had thought about buying an FM game for a little while, and I decided I would wait the full 20 years and buy FM20. So I downloaded the FM19 demo (had to get a Steam account. Had no idea what Steam was - ha!) just to test if I would like what Champ Manager had turned in to. Well within about 2 minutes I was hooked! Soo much had changed and yet soo much was actually the same (in a good way mind!). Hats off to SI. I wonder how many staff worked on FM19 that also worked on CM 99/00! I am a little overwhelmed with how much info is now in the game, but I think in time I’ll realise I don’t necessarily have to click on everything all of the time. Anyway, I now look ahead to starting a new chapter, and a new career, with my beloved Tottenham Hotspur. Out goes Steffen Iversen, David Ginola, Darren Anderton, and Sol Campbell, and in comes Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, and Jan Vertonghen. Thanks too go out to this community, as I have followed posts on here for quite a while now, and you have helped make my decision to buy FM19. So 1st season starts with disabled transfer window, masked attributes, quite a large database of leagues and players, and a home game against newly promoted Cardiff. Oh, and the 2D match view. Sorry guys, I felt the step up to 3D from just commentary was one step too far.
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