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  1. I think if you go to the 'Training' => 'Rest' screen there is a drop down menu to select training intensity for each player, and I believe sending on holiday is one of the drop down options (in FM19 and 20 anyway).
  2. Thanks @phd_angel! Makes sense. I actually woke the next day (with a fresh outlook I guess?) and decided against carrying on a new career as Boca and am sticking with just 1 FM20 save (progress on my games are slow enough as it is - ha!). Cheers for replying!
  3. Hello all. So this is for FM20 but I assume it relates to all versions. I'm managing in Brazil and loving it, but this evening thought I would start a new career in Argentina (keeping the South American vibe going!). I selected the same manager profile as my Brazil career before selecting my team (went for Boca Juniors). I noticed that my preferences/settings had 'copied' over. No problem at first, but I changed the currency to Argentinian peso's because it was showing as Brazilian Real. However, I then went back on to my Brazil save and noticed the currency was now peso's too. I'd made other
  4. Only a couple of little things, but for my Ponte Preta career on FM20 I made my manager be fluent in Portuguese (because he had learnt it so he could manage in Brazil), and the currency I use in-game is the Brazilian Real (because why would I be dealing in pound sterling whilst managing in Brazil?). Adds to the realism slightly - ha!
  5. I admire your commitment @cutedinazor. I still play cm 99/00 and love it! Although speed is not an issue for me as FM19/FM20 are soo much more in depth, I go back to CM just to remind myself how quickly I used to progress through matches!
  6. Ha! That's what I thought! Maybe the mod makes them too smart for their own good?
  7. Yes I believe there can be alot of games once you start qualifying for continental competitions. I'm in Serie B at the moment so it's not as bad. The state championships make it a very unique career. I would recommend it to anyone.
  8. Same here. Basically only ever managed in England or Scotland. When FM20 came out I wanted to do something different. Chose Brazil and loving every minute so far.
  9. Yes you're right. @dudi287 if you loan there will be trouble, but if you sell there will be double.
  10. Ponte Preta. My aim is to make them the dominant force in Brazilian/South American football...I have a very long way to go - ha!
  11. I did on my FM19 career with Spurs as I wanted the squads to be 'as they were' at the start of the season, but I didn't in FM20 as the transfer windows in Brazil are alot different (longer, plus 2 different types for domestic and foreign players), and I wasn't sure what windows would be disabled!
  12. I do exactly the same! Also playing in Brazil on FM20 but still in Serie B so fixture congestion not too bad at the moment.
  13. Mentoring is a very slow process. Don't expect changes overnight.
  14. Sorry probably didn't explain well. As I only use 2D (not interested in anything in 3D) I wasn't able to submit my vote for '2D Comprehensive' as there wasn't a suitable answer to give for question 2 as I don't use 3D at all (and you need to answer both). But as you say, it's only to get a broad picture of what people are using.
  15. Can't submit my vote as never use 3D so can't pick an option for 2nd question. 2D Comprehensive. Edit: So this will skew the results to show 3D is most popular (it probably is to be fair) but this poll won't reflect the true picture. Maybe add a 'don't use 3D' category for 2nd question? So far your poll shows no one using 2D comprehensive highlights.
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