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  1. Sorry probably didn't explain well. As I only use 2D (not interested in anything in 3D) I wasn't able to submit my vote for '2D Comprehensive' as there wasn't a suitable answer to give for question 2 as I don't use 3D at all (and you need to answer both). But as you say, it's only to get a broad picture of what people are using.
  2. Can't submit my vote as never use 3D so can't pick an option for 2nd question. 2D Comprehensive. Edit: So this will skew the results to show 3D is most popular (it probably is to be fair) but this poll won't reflect the true picture. Maybe add a 'don't use 3D' category for 2nd question? So far your poll shows no one using 2D comprehensive highlights.
  3. I think I read somewhere on here that 'playing time' is linked to starting matches. So coming on as sub isn't viewed by the player as actual playing time.
  4. Ponte Preta! The oldest (playable) club in Brazil. Formed in 1900 they have only 1 FM recognised trophy in their cabinet. You start in Serie B so you would need to build the club up too.
  5. I pick positions, roles, and duties for my players based on the green circles.
  6. @BryDid you ever report this as a bug? The same thing happened to me. In mine the 'results' from the knockout phase got added to the league points - so for example a team got 3 extra league points for winning their quarter final (I actually assumed this was how it worked - ha!). I finished 4th in the league, but after the knockout round was 5th or 6th I think (I lost in the QF to Sao Paulo, who went on to win it). To be honest I quite like it, even if it isn't correct! However, the winner of the knockout phase (Sao Paulo) are listed as the overall winner for the season, so that bit i
  7. Sorry I know this thread is a few months old, but in case @scottmulligan is still interested in playing FM07, you can buy external cd drives that plug in to your laptop via a USB. I use one to play CM 99/00 on my wife's old laptop, so they do work! Not too pricey either.
  8. Can confirm game continues with no issues, and is saving in the new 'games' folder on my D: Drive.
  9. Right, after multiple loading and re-loading of FM20 and my save file, I think I have resolved the issue. I really didn't want my save files on the C: Drive, so changed the default save location under 'Preferences' to be my D: Drive location: D:\Pete\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020 This created various sub folders (games,editor data etc...). I then saved my game in the 'games' folder. Now when I reach the main menu I see my latest save game, plus 'Save Game' in-game works correctly. Phew! I've not progressed the save yet (clicked 'continue') but assume nothing
  10. Sorry guys. Had a spare 5 mins (we take forever to get out the door!) so loaded up again and my save game is not appearing on the main menu again...and 'Save Game' not working either... So not a solution... Any further updates @Kyle Brown @Neil Brock?
  11. Hi @Kyle Brown, @Neil Brock and maybe others in the same situation as me. I may have solved the 'load recent game' and 'save game' issue ( well on my setup anyway). Even after the hotfix I still wasn't seeing my save game on the main menu, and once I manually found it and tried to save the game using 'Save Game' it still came up with the error message about the game not able to be saved. So...I created a folder called 'games' in my D: drive location: D:\Pete\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\games I then saved the game in this new location. I then exited t
  12. Sorry, bit of an aside question, but once this has been sorted, how do we switch from the public beta back to 'normal' FM20?
  13. Thanks for the update. I don't have sub-folders, but my save games are saved on my D:Drive (D:\Pete\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020), so not the default location, but it's been the same since installation!
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