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  1. I like seeing it appear in my inbox, and I take a quick glance at it, but I never change anything as a result of reading it. Mind you I never change my formation, or any player's position, role, or duty (it stays at whatever the game tells me is their best one). If a team wants to come and try and beat me, they will have to make the changes, not me!
  2. Off the top of my head, from CM99/00: Javier Saviola Tonton Zola Moukoko Kennedy Bakircioglu Zlatan Muslimovic Andri Sigporsson Simon Davies Matthew Etherington Sharbel Touma There were many more, but these were my 'go to' players that I would try and sign every time I started a new save.
  3. I think if you go to the 'Training' => 'Rest' screen there is a drop down menu to select training intensity for each player, and I believe sending on holiday is one of the drop down options (in FM19 and 20 anyway).
  4. Thanks @phd_angel! Makes sense. I actually woke the next day (with a fresh outlook I guess?) and decided against carrying on a new career as Boca and am sticking with just 1 FM20 save (progress on my games are slow enough as it is - ha!). Cheers for replying!
  5. Hello all. So this is for FM20 but I assume it relates to all versions. I'm managing in Brazil and loving it, but this evening thought I would start a new career in Argentina (keeping the South American vibe going!). I selected the same manager profile as my Brazil career before selecting my team (went for Boca Juniors). I noticed that my preferences/settings had 'copied' over. No problem at first, but I changed the currency to Argentinian peso's because it was showing as Brazilian Real. However, I then went back on to my Brazil save and noticed the currency was now peso's too. I'd made other changes in preferences that didn't seem to carry over, so my question is, why is the currency not remaining correct between the 2 saves? It's not a major problem as I can switch back and forth, but just wondered if I had done anything wrong or is it because I am, in essence, the same manager profile on both?
  6. Only a couple of little things, but for my Ponte Preta career on FM20 I made my manager be fluent in Portuguese (because he had learnt it so he could manage in Brazil), and the currency I use in-game is the Brazilian Real (because why would I be dealing in pound sterling whilst managing in Brazil?). Adds to the realism slightly - ha!
  7. I admire your commitment @cutedinazor. I still play cm 99/00 and love it! Although speed is not an issue for me as FM19/FM20 are soo much more in depth, I go back to CM just to remind myself how quickly I used to progress through matches!
  8. Ha! That's what I thought! Maybe the mod makes them too smart for their own good?
  9. Yes I believe there can be alot of games once you start qualifying for continental competitions. I'm in Serie B at the moment so it's not as bad. The state championships make it a very unique career. I would recommend it to anyone.
  10. Same here. Basically only ever managed in England or Scotland. When FM20 came out I wanted to do something different. Chose Brazil and loving every minute so far.
  11. Yes you're right. @dudi287 if you loan there will be trouble, but if you sell there will be double.
  12. Ponte Preta. My aim is to make them the dominant force in Brazilian/South American football...I have a very long way to go - ha!
  13. I did on my FM19 career with Spurs as I wanted the squads to be 'as they were' at the start of the season, but I didn't in FM20 as the transfer windows in Brazil are alot different (longer, plus 2 different types for domestic and foreign players), and I wasn't sure what windows would be disabled!
  14. I do exactly the same! Also playing in Brazil on FM20 but still in Serie B so fixture congestion not too bad at the moment.
  15. Mentoring is a very slow process. Don't expect changes overnight.
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