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  1. Maybe I'll just delete and reinstall the game. I bests not be asked to pay for it again
  2. I'm playing it on an android tablet. How do you restart the firewall when it's not a PC we are talking about? I live in Nigeria
  3. Yes I did...I restarted my android tablet but I'm still getting the same error. What can I do?
  4. Hi Alistair, I'm playing on Samsung Tab S3.
  5. Hi Guys, everytime i try to purchase anything from the in-game store, I always get an error message which reads as " A general error has occurred with the store. Error code:10000". Once I click on the downloads option at the start screen that's the error I get. The store never opens up. I have attached a screenshot to show exactly the issue. I would appreciate some assistance in sorting out this in-game store Error Kind Regards Israel A
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