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  1. So good news my game is normal and nothing bad has happened to it since we last spoke, but I have now bought a new laptop and I don’t know how to play the same save I hade on my last laptop, so can you please tell me if you know how to transfer the save over or in another way somehow play it.
  2. ****, same thing happened again but I did the same thing to fix it and it worked yet again but it’s really annoying because I had to replay 5 games and I’m a bit frustrated that I have to lose that much progress over and over again potentially.
  3. So I went on my “last save overwrite backup.fm” and it worked. I managed to play from that save and now I can play normally without the save being corrupted. I can also click on the latest save without problems and the manager is normal again. Thank you for the help👍🏼
  4. I can’t load the game and for some reason the manager on the side of the starting screen(where you can pick for example career mode, create a club, online career and so on) is not the manager I edited and there are 3 managers and not 1. If you want to look how the problem looks like you can see it on Twitter @EnesCerkezi
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