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  1. C.D. Alfaro - Segunda Division B2 - 2015/16 League Past positions Transfers Finances Season review Segunda Division B2- 15th Before the season started I thought this would be a tough challenge, 4 teams go down from this league with the team 5th from bottom playing in a relegation play-off against one of the other 15th place teams from the other leagues at this level. Well I don't know how this happened to be honest! We started the season in the worst possible form, we lost our opening 7 games, and 11 out of the first 12. We conceded 47 goals in those 11 games. Just let that sink in... Things turned around for us after a 7 (seven) - 0 drubbing at promotion chasing Fuenlabrada. I changed the tactics to include a DM and we subsequently recorded three straight wins including an impressive 2-0 win against a strong Castilla side (Real Madrid B). Between November and early March we put together some decent mid-table form. Very inconsistent but by and large getting results against the teams around us. However, having just 2 CMs and 2 CDs in the whole squad soon caught up with us and injuries to one of each and long term injuries to our 2 wingers meant we were to a large extent relying on youth in our run in. This put us firmly back in the relegation fight with just 6 points from our last 8 games, finishing 15th...just... after results going our way on the last day we finished 15th and entered the relegation play off. Drawn again Sporting B - no idea if they're any good! We won 5-2 in the first leg. That scoreline flattered us in a fairly even game with 2 own goals going our way and a late late goal to add an extra (potentially crucial) 5th. We sat tight in the second leg and after a back to the wall job I thought we would sneak 0-0. It took them over 70 mins to break the deadlock, going 2-0 up shortly after. I tweaked things again and we held on with no further highlights in the match. Happy for a boring finish! We did set one record this season with two games to spare. We'd go on to break this record by a further 4 goals in the end. Copa del Rey Lost in the 1st round to Burgos of Segunda Division B1. Copa RREF Lost in Premilinary Round to Ecija of Segunda Division B4. Probably should have won this after winning the first leg 3-1. Star players 'Star' is maybe overstating in what was a long and difficult season, however goals for the team at crucial times put these guys ahead of others. 1st - David Royo - scored some crucial goals during the season to win points/relegation play offs. 2nd - Munilla - our only defender who can defend. Scored a few from Alex Perdiguero's huge throws also. Worried how many we would have conceded without this guy. 3rd - Victor Ramos is our lump upfront, top scorer despite being dropped a few times. Youth intake Good looking intake, or maybe due to us being so poor - not sure! Still some of these guys could form the basis of our team in the next few years so will be challenging for a place next year. YP01A - Jose Manuel Hernández - Good looking CD/DM - sorely need positions. YP01B - José Gutiérrez - Decent looking centre mid - came straight into the first team due to injuries and did ok. YP01C - Luis Osia - my assman doesn't really rate this guy but I think he can make a decent full back in the future. YP01D - Eneko Bravo - he's a central midfielder and so gets a tag by default. Looking back I don't know why I didn't add this guy as a tag so consider Antonio YP01E (I usually try to stick to 3 tags, honest!). We did improve junior coaching during the year but unfortunately had our training facilities down graded - really not what we needed. Next seasons goals Concede far fewer goals Bring in youth players Survive! (Took some of the screen shots above after the season - will remember this season!)
  2. Not long had my youth intake, quite happy and will post in update but I'm a bit confused over this guy however. My assistant manager seems to rate him, any suggestions on his best role as his attributes seem a bit all over the place. He does have decent pace which we do not have at all!
  3. Nice solid season Shakes. Loving the physical attributes of Marsden and Dozzell (that sounds a bit creepy...!) - I'm guessing Dozzell gets quite a few from distance on the break given his long shots stats and the standard of 'keepers at this level? Joaquimorais - Congratulations on the title and promotion - great effort!
  4. Great work Jambo98, think thats the first promotion. Some of your youths are starting to look good, I like the look of O'Neill in particular as a well rounded CM. Congratulations on the first promotion of this challenge (I think!). It looked like that Squad analysis paid off - I set my spreadsheet up last night in terms of data entry - going to fiddle with some formulas tonight but with only 17 players in the squad I can see it being more of use next year!
  5. Hi Gundo, I had quite a bit of trouble with HOYD and ended up just doing a general search and hiring the first person to walk past the stadium that looked half competent. Had no problem with the scouts though, had plenty of enquiries and hired Ronnie Rosenthal, had to being a liverpool fan to be honest!
  6. After making a few changes at half time, this felt good!
  7. Tough start for me in Spain, lost first 7 games on the bounce before a showdown with the other team on zero points. Thankfully won that game but this could be a short game! Doesn't help that out of my 2 CMs and 2 CDs in the squad, one of each are injured. 'Keeper is garbage too, costs me directly 2 goals a game, the rest from crosses/long shots. Managed to improve the crosses situation slightly but really struggling to score many at the other end :/ Good seasons Braumiller and Druvo - hopefully a push for promotion coming up?
  8. Did the defender have ri916 on the back of his shirt by any chance?! Good season though, shame about the finish! I like the look of Adam James in particular, a good crop of talent and versatility - exactly what is needed in this challenge. Are you going to be struggling for defenders since only one came up?
  9. Ouch, I've just finished pre-season - only managed 5 games in the end due to worries about injuries. Got through with only 3 injuries all of 3 weeks or less thankfully. Had to use my sub goalkeepers as substitutes for my midfielders to make sure their fitness didn't get destroyed!
  10. C.D. Alfaro I've decided to start my adventure in Spain (reload date is 10 July, so holiday to 9 July). There's quite a lot of choice as a fair few teams get promoted, most have around 12 players however. There were some 'larger' clubs I chose to ignore as I think Alfaro has enough players to scrape through one season as they are and I quite fancy the challenge of taking a complete unknown up rather than another team fallen on hard times (I want all of the glory!) and well, I will be top of the league for a few minutes at least! Club facilities - could do with some investment. However the relatively small stadium suggests this may be a very long term goal! The stadium looks like is could be expanded given there's only a few bushes in the way..! Squad - the squad is actually pretty well rounded with a fair bit of cover on the wings and full back. I won't struggle for a 'keeper either as all three are pretty good with the younger having 5 star potential according to my newly instated Ass Man. The 17 year olds also have good potential so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. However a complete lack of cover at CB and CM is worrying and I will be retraining players! My profile I've got a coach, physio and eventually and Ass Man on board. Given I'm from Liverpool and a lifelong supporter I couldn't resist the chance at bringing in Ronnie Rosenthal as a scout for next opposition despite some more qualified individuals. I do have a couple of early questions - my last FM edition was FM12 and I tend to play CM9798 when bored so bare with me! - what should we be looking for for the HOYD role in terms of attributes. Guessing working with youngsters is obviously key, but does he train the youths? Should I be looking at JPA JPP? Not sure what role he plays tbh. And is going in for my own qualifications allowed under challenge rules? My stats are terrifying and I think I'd struggle to layout cones on the training field effectively. Wish me luck! I'll be making slow progress on the save due to work/family! So much easier a few years ago!
  11. Giving this a go this year. This is my first FM since 2012 so this could be interesting! Loading Spain as I type.
  12. Nice one! Love the fact you got Ronaldinho as a coach too. Keep us posted!
  13. Horsham YMCA. How do you rekon they celebrate.... 1-0 to Horsham...cue the village people!!! "Young man...."
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