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    Re-read my previous posts regarding backups. They all failed. I go FM->Quit game. And hey, i haven't had a corrupted file since FM 06, but here I am with FM10 crapping out on me for no good reason. **** can happen to everyone, even after doing everything right.
  2. Retired

    Thanks for telling me it's my fault my backups aren't working. It's quite constructive on your part.
  3. Retired

    Yeah, no problems with my HD.
  4. Retired

    Hmm... I'm getting the same message with the backups... Game could not be loaded. Looks like my FM2010 career has come to an abrupt end.
  5. Retired

    How do you access backups from the rolling save game files? I'm having the same problem with FM10.3.
  6. Really? How do you check out the UEFA coefficients?
  7. Regarding the dynamic league reputation, does that also mean dynamic UEFA coefficients? Meaning, the distribution of Champions League and Europa League spots may change based on the ranks of the coefficients? Also, will the MLS include the latest new teams? ie. Philadelphia, Vancouver, Portland...
  8. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    From a sporting angle, I don't see a problem with that. It's the financial and business side that would make this more difficult, as it's been gone over in this thread already.
  9. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    What does that have to do with anything? Stop trolling. Vancouver Whitecaps, for the record.
  10. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    Your comments are "THE MLS IS DOG ****" and "What a load of Boll**ks". You're trolling.
  11. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    So you'd rather see the league go bust out of principle than cave in to what their fans want.
  12. Does the Basque country have its own league like in England? Does it have its own national team that competes in FIFA-sanctioned tournaments like the Euro and the World Cup?
  13. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    It's not in the American culture to follow the sport at the professional level. It's tough to explain to Europeans, but Americans take very different approaches to college sports and professional sports. The MLS is growing and has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. For those us living in North America, we are not under the illusion that it's the best in the world, but we also know it's the best football we can attend on a regular basis. Myself, I'll keep supporting the league in the hope that it can keep growing in stature and in quality. I'm looking forward for the Whitecaps to enter the league in 2011 - I already have my seasons tickets booked. Senorcoo, we get it, you have your mind set on hoping for the league to fail. Either that, or I just don't see what you're trying to do here.
  14. Does anyone manage in MLS?

    If you know much about geography, you'd know that 1. Seattle's weather is not indicative of the rest of the continent. 2. Weather patterns change significantly in a continent, regardless of latitude. 3. Chicago is also further south than Paris. Chicago's average temperature in January is -1C. In Paris, it's 7C. The weather in Northeastern US and Canada is simply too cold to consider playing outdoors over the fall and winter.
  15. No, Basque is not a nationality, but don't let that reality enter your mind if you are a Basque nationalist. Other than that little bit of crazy, he had good points.