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  1. thank you for everyone' help i just finished my FM collection since 2009-2019 (except 2008 which release on steam store only)
  2. i asked the seller to open the box and take a picture of cdkey and send to me here it is it contain 25 digits of number and alphabet without " - "
  3. i already ordered it before Hovis Dexter reply to my thread let see what how it work
  4. damn i mistyped it is sealed seller sent me 2 pictures in the back and the front of the box what is your opinion?
  5. thank you my point is i just want Football Manager 2009 to be in my Steam library (for my collection i have 2010-2019 now) i will ask the seller again for confirmation
  6. it was released on steam im sure but i dont know the box contain steam key or not
  7. im going to buy football manager 2009 in sealed condition from ebay i was wondering if there is steam key included?
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