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  1. Oh actually there is one other issue with this that I just remembered.. With using two editor files on the new game start, say I create a new file using the basic fm database and then start the game with that and the larger file from the other side, new player creations/staff ID numbers would be in conflict surely if that other editor file has created new players also.. Is there a way around this? As with what was mentioned earlier the most recent edit would take precedence.. I just don't want to screw it up.. Thanks
  2. Yeah I know one of the database editors on the other site does this really well.. It just seems so complicated if you want to make your own changes.. Yeah I've experienced this myself. Any idea how it works with the editor data in the game? For example you load 2 editor files with both having changes, which one takes priority. I know both will add the changes, but what happens in those two files if for example, I edit a specific players attributes, which one would actually stick in game, or would one just overwrite the other by alphabetical order on the initial start page of the game?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with the FM16 editor (not the ingame one). So, I often use the updated databases from another site very popular in the fm community, not sure if I'm allowed to mention it... so I won't just incase.. Then when I've loaded that into the editor, I like to edit my team a bit and add a few transfers here and there when I see something in the transfer news until the next update comes out.. Basically I don't want to have to keep starting from scratch with my own changes to my own team.. e.g. squad numbers, budget management, loans etc.. When I created a separate database and tried to merge the two together, every competition had 2 winners for the previous season and it totally screwed up the competition history and didn't seem to work the way I wanted. How does it work with having 2 or more editor files loaded into a new FM16 game? Which one takes priority if they both have similar changes? Or would it simply merge them together as it gives you the option in the editor? Hopefully I'm explaining this right, can someone tell me if there is another way of doing this other then just getting the new database update off the other site and then starting a fresh with editing it each time? Thanks
  4. I'm surprised people don't have the same issue as I do.. I love playing this game, wish it came out STRAIGHT after the summer transfer window closed.. instead of Oct/Nov.. But only find it really fun to play until the transfer window as it's ridiculous to see £80 million prices being paid for players that both in real life and in game are only worth £20 or so million.. The AI is average at best anyway, would love it to be tweaked but that's another issue.. Just think a way in which it can be modified easily so people can do this via the editor would be better as I believe MODDING the game to realistic conditions by the gamers themselves is legally allowed in all games.
  5. Is there any way of choosing or modifying the start date of a new game? Like I said before starting the game after the January transfer window? I see Finland lets you start from December '14...
  6. I'm more concerned with real fixtures, accurate results and real transfers.. So for example I start the game February 1st playing as Leicester in the Premier League and I'm bottom of the table and no transfer window until Summer... I don't think this would be that hard or expensive to implement.. But if it was legal due to rights ownership or something like with the logos and image rights.. then I'd understand but I can't see why fixtures or real results would be a huge issue..
  7. This I agree with on the AI front.. Maybe a realistic save game (with accurate league tables/fixtures/injuries/transfers/loans/etc..) is a possible way forward?? Think there may be legal issues over the rights or something though in order to do that?? But I may be wrong.. Or if I could choose the exact date when to start the game (e.g. Mid season) instead of having to start via a league start date..
  8. Yeah but why would you want to do that? I want it to be realistic from the start.. E.g. Chelsea signed Cuadrado in January.. I wouldn't want this removed because of using the original database and then January comes along and Chelsea have 80mill to spend and go an buy Cavani or someone.. The way transfers are updated is wrong in my opinion anyway.. It's the lazy way to do it.. Everyone just moved into the team from the start.. It should be a date by date thing.. Cuadrado should have the agreement in place that he is transferred to Chelsea on the set date he really did in January.. But I realise this will prob take more time to work out REAL transfer budgets let alone change the AI decisions on who to buy/sell before this transfer comes through.. Anyway I hope you understand what I'm getting at..
  9. First of all I wish the transfer window switch off option would stop LOANS & free transfers as well as normal transfers. Secondly as it's now March and the January window transfers have been updated, when I start my game from Summer 14 it will include those and then when the winter transfer window comes along all the clubs sign a load more players making the game completely unrealistic and ruins it for me. I like the accuracy and uptodate realistic squads. I guess SI will say if they did that then noone would BUY FM2016, but I still would. I just think it's stupid the way transfers and updates don't take into account the real date and makes it stupid from Winter onwards if the real life transfer window has already closed.. So any chance of a new toggle at the beginning of the game to STOP BOTH transfer windows from the start? Just the Summer 2014 and January 2015 window and then the same for future FM games... Would make me soooooo much happier and get me playing it more. Thanks.
  10. Having the same problem.. Very annoying...
  11. Hmmm, I just keep getting an error message say it has encountered an error and needs to close... I have Framework 3.5p ... Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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