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  1. Just caught up! Brilliant work tho!! Keep it up What's the skin's name?
  2. Well, since I'm a Benfica fan, I'm happy that someone won anything with Braga, they're the 4th best team in Portugal, but to be fair, only the first years are complicated, since Benfica and Porto have a lot higher wages than the other 16 teams! Congratz on the champions league!
  3. Hi!! Is anyone from France or currently playing with a french team from the Regionals? Can someone tell me if is true that when you win, you receive 4 points instead of 3? And if you lose you receive 1 point?
  4. Az it's nothing, you can easly win at home and try to secure the leg away.
  5. Too bad you got knocked out of UEL... Besides that, you need to WIN or WIN the Uefa Conference League. What a home growth you had.
  6. Yeah, but I'm mid season in the 2nd divison of Kosovo, after 6 y in game because of that policy, maybe they delete that policy after turn to pro maybe?
  7. Hello, I'm currently coaching Arsenal Pristine (Kosovo), it's a 4rd tired league club, amateur ofc, and they have a policy of only buying players with under 17 years old, is there any way to delete this policy? I don't see myself in the 1st tier of this country with this Policy tbh, I wan't to know if and when my club turns pro if this policy goes away. Thanks
  8. Does anyone has the Kosovo's lower leagues? Timo's one aren't working on this latest patch
  9. Like I said in other topic, I love to coach in Northen Europe, the only down, is the calendar. Keep it Up, good save !
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