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  1. I think my team can at least try, i have above average technical attributes for the looks of it(the only ones below are tackling and marking, which i suppose it points for possession even more now). So a low block would generally work with pacey opposition(and in my mind that would probably be standard LOD and sligth lower LOE)? Technical players i guess i should press more? Or do you think they could handle that because of their skills for finding a pass and the open man?
  2. This is something i really should use/explore more, having options for different match situations. I really struggle holding leads, one of my last matches i was up 0-2, and my team just collapsed in the 70th minute mark, conceding a penalty and a long shot from one of their CMs. These games really get me, i have enormous difficulty doing anything, the better team just smashes me, my players simply can't defend (well, my tactic can't). (And this time i don't really reload games too, trying to get better through the developing situation of the team)
  3. I think i'll try it in a secondary tactic, but stick with what i have more or less gathered from you before for my main one, thanks. == One thing i would like to know, do you change alot against better teams?Or some tips in using a weak side in general. I always thought that using a more defensive mentality, or lower lines was the answer, but what i always read here is that is a bad idea, that my players will not sustain the pressure. My team is one of the wakest in the division (expected 15th of 18 places), I can scrap some wins, but it's hard, seems like every team can dominate you.
  4. Do you find difficult to score? I always thought narrower = less goals. I'll try it, thanks, you're really helping me
  5. I'll try let them have more space tbh, over the top balls are scarier to me. i would like to, if you don't mind, i could learn a thing or two. You're being incredible helpful. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, it's really helping, even if my team still struggles, i'm noticing more solidity and i'm learning a little more about defending. What kind of player would suit tighter marking instead of closing down more? My players aren't great at workrate too (most have 11, and the average for 2.Bundesliga is 12), so playing more with the ball could be an answer? I never really got how to have possession (and if i had more of the ball, not having it being useless).
  7. Thanks, really helping me, i was the 16th worst defense, now i'm "only" 9th. I see both, but mostly they play balls over my RBs/WBs, so a high line is the common answer?
  8. Yeah, i checked those. If i use my last 10 games (the ones i used the tactics here) most goals i concede are either crosses or (more commonly) through balls. There's something i can do to help solve this?
  9. As is the topic we were talking(defense), can you give a general idea in how to stop "opposition final third entries"? No matter the tactic i use, i always have that as a negative in the "recent matches analysis".
  10. I changed that, but my reasoning was along the lines of "if i'm stealing the ball higher up the pitch, i may have less space to work with, so shorter should work". So a standard LOE would give more solidity? Most goals i concede right now are generally balls through my DM and CBs and over the top of my WB and FB.
  11. If it's working for you, i think that's the tactic you should use, but if you want my opinion, i would use a IW/IF on the right (on attacking) to add more penetration, and the wingback will overlap with him naturally. Tbh the only thing i *think* i can help with in instructions department is saying that "pass into space" is more situational than an "always on" instruction imho. I think that if your team is properly set up, through balls will generally happen still, even with not "pass into space" instruction.
  12. Yeah, i put mostly like that, only changing to a DLF(s). == I think it did work in my last match, but my players lost alot of goals and i lost (0-1). I created more than usual tho. == Yes, that. In the match i tried it, the goal was a over the top ball and a mistake by the keeper, and i din't really suffer in the left side as much as i thought i would.
  13. Now i have this: I was thinking about my team and i think i don't have players for a high press, so (like the rest of the advice i got) would make more sense to put my wide players in the lower (like a 4-5-1)? And then put on a normal intensinty press.
  14. Using like this? F9 IF(at)/IW(at)/W(at)--------------IF(s)/IW(s)/W(s) CM(a)--------DLP(s) Or like this? F9 IF(at)/IW(at)/W(at)--------------IF(s)/IW(s)/W(s) DLP(s)--------CM(a) Would the two roles function too different? The F9 and the DLF on support. Would the left side be safe with both on attack(the IF/IW and WB)?
  15. Wouldn't a IF with a mezzala play in the same space? And, another question, why use a IF instead of a IW? I used both, but can't really tell the difference between them in match.
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