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  1. First, thanks for the answer. Ahhh, my understanding of pressing in the game was actually the opposite. I thought that in a counter attacking style, i woulde employ intensive pressing with a lower DL and LOE, so that i could take the ball faster and counter attack. So, in my understanding, the DPL will cover for the LB when he attacks, correct? As he doesn't go up the field as much. And does the B2B offer an advantage offensively in this case? Compared to a APL i mean. In which situation should i use a slower tempo? I thought in a possesion based style it would benefit keeping possession.
  2. I'm looking for help trying to "fix" my tactic. i'm currently managing Bristol City, and in the first half of the season i did pretty well, fighting for the top spot in the league, but recently i can't really win against any team. My striker (and his reserve) can't really score anymore (or my team can't feed him in good positions), and i'm constantly losing the battle for the ball in the midfield. This is my current Tactic: The roles are in portuguese, so i'll translate them: DC = CB DCE = Limited Defender AL = Wingback CJ = DLP MAA = B2B CJA = Advanced Playmaker AI = Inside Foward EX = Winger AT = Pressing Foward These are the instructions that i use: For most of the season i din't try to work the ball into the box, but i'm trying it for the last few games (still not working). One thing i noticed is that my striker is converting at a bad rate, compared to the AI: Mine : He is converting 18% of his shots at the target Kemar Roofe from Leeds is converting at 37% for example. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance
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