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  1. The beginning Well, I'm excited to start this challenge. I've been planning and analyzing for several days how I could do it in the best way and that's why I decided to start with 2 teams (San Marino Calcio and SS Virtus of the San Marino league) and of course, the selection. I also start with the national license C and as a weekend footballer. Finally, as it is about making San Marino achieve the World Cup, I think it is essential to seek to have the best facilities and youth preparations, so I will use the philosophy so that the board is more willing to improve the whole quarry. First contact When I see the players from both teams I realise that the roster is quite short and with clear deficiencies on the flanks. At the national team level the clear deficiencies are in the midfield so I see that we are going to suffer a lot to be able to control the games. It should also be added that, since the game is starting in June 2018, is half the season in the San Marino league, so the SS Virtus is in the terrible 14 position. Tactics After the brief analysis of the three teams, I decided to use three different tactics but they will be used by everyone. First a 4-1-4-1 that will be the base of San Marino Calcio and the selection, and a 4-4-2 diamond for the SS Virtus. Additionally I will use a 4-2-3-1 as a reserve for more affordable games. I will be very aggressive with all three teams so I will use very offensive instructions that seek to play very direct, press very high and counter-attack to seek to win the games. I hope to bring great advances in this challenge soon.
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