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  1. Definitely not pointless. I have a lot more hours on the PC version of Touch than full fat FM. I love Touch for it's speed and lack of annoying things like the press questions and the fact that i won't have to negotiate a thousand staff contracts every season.
  2. lol. It's common knowledge that there is a 30 season limit on tablet. Like Seph says it's because of hardware limitations.
  3. Nice... can't wait to get home and start a new save!
  4. I've never been fired from this in FMT but I did in last years full FM. Does anyone know if you can get sacked in FMT in this manner?
  5. I've noticed that a lot more penalties are missed this year compared to others.
  6. I don't think you can. You need to make it yourself by copying the info from the screenshots in the tactical thread you're looking in. These days most kind souls show you all the info you need to do it.
  7. Usually around the end of February/beginning of March I believe.
  8. I didn't think it happened in touch either but I got a message saying UK has left the EU but there are no changes so I was very lucky.
  9. I have time to play both but just find FMT better for me. It's FM but without the annoying time consuming things but still has enough in to let you become very immersed.
  10. My saves keep crashing when going into a new season aswell.
  11. I'm finding that it happens to me a lot, I have a few unhappy players because their heads are easily turned.
  12. I'm liking the game so far. I'm mainly playing FMT and have had 2 saves so far. In both saves my game crashes in the 2nd or 3rd seasons, no crash dump, it just exits saying it's stopped working. Other than that i'm really happy so far.
  13. Agreed. I gave it another chance but always come back to FMT.
  14. Here's the tactic (in the attachment below). Please note this is for FM15 not FM16 and won't work. My advice is to open it in fm15 and copy it when creating a new tactic in FM16 4-2-3-1 Napoli FINAL_A808F662-D7C0-43ED-9C6B-A49097666676.fmf
  15. I suppose that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.