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  1. I'm finding that it happens to me a lot, I have a few unhappy players because their heads are easily turned.
  2. I'm liking the game so far. I'm mainly playing FMT and have had 2 saves so far. In both saves my game crashes in the 2nd or 3rd seasons, no crash dump, it just exits saying it's stopped working. Other than that i'm really happy so far.
  3. Agreed. I gave it another chance but always come back to FMT.
  4. Here's the tactic (in the attachment below). Please note this is for FM15 not FM16 and won't work. My advice is to open it in fm15 and copy it when creating a new tactic in FM16 4-2-3-1 Napoli FINAL_A808F662-D7C0-43ED-9C6B-A49097666676.fmf
  5. I suppose that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.
  6. Ok so one of my players wants a new contract to reflect his ability. That's fair enough, he's one of my best players. I go to offer a contract and low and behold he won't speak with me because he believes we are not a big enough club for him. This is ridiculous, he is unhappy because I can't give him a contract not because of the size of the club. I'm in a no win situation here.
  7. have you tried to remove a lot of the lower leagues using add/remove leagues? That should speed things up a bit as you won't need them active anymore now that you're in league 2.
  8. It's all relative. It's just a list of best to worst in that position, the best having more stars and the worst having less stars in that particular comparison. The player still has the same amount of current ability, it's just that the other players above are better than him. Be aware though that all of this is just the opinion of your staff member.
  9. Sounds like you bought the PC version. Like mnaylor said you need to buy it via the play store.
  10. I didn't do anything to be honest. I upgraded from windows 7 to 10 but FM07 was already installed when i upgraded. I was playing in windowed mode if that helps. I'm gonna look at it when i get home and see if there's anything different going on.
  11. I have windows 10 and my FM07 works.
  12. There's enough info in the opening post for people to be able to create the tactic themselves anyway, so I think this thread should remain open for people to test and leave feedback.
  13. Hi, Im using the same formation but with different roles and it's fairly successful. However you do need to make sure you have the right players for it: -----------AF (A) -----------AP (S) SS (A) -------DLP (S) CM(D) AP (S) ----WB (S) CD (D) CD (D) WB (S) ----------------GK (D) I've purposely put the AF to the left (just in front of the AP) to let the SS have space to run into. Although i really don't know if i actually needed to do that. --
  14. You need to be within an open transfer window and the button will show.
  15. The match engine in FMT is the same as the full game, therefore tactics are exactly the same for both modes. Head over to the tactics forum for which PeeDub has kindly provided the link and you should be able to find many tactical discussion threads.