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  1. I don't know English very much and I use google translate and translate wrong.
  2. I need help. They wanted to do a better tactic. So far a 4231 folsescu, because it is the only team that goes to my team. Depending on why I have to choose the roles and instructions, both personal and for the whole team?
  3. I finished the friendly period. With Mladi Radnik we should have won, but I wonder how I scored two goals with Zenit. I did not expect to even shoot at the gate, after giving them two goals. At least with FC U Craiova I won and just wait and see how we will take her to the championship. I made some transfers (for free or loan, we have no money). However, I must show George Moșteanu: He doesn't have the best attributes, but when it comes to potential ...
  4. I have finished 2019. Snagov didn't even believe that I won, because I took two cards and one player was injured, and both players eliminated were the central defenders. With U Cluj I was expected to lose. I was still in 19th place, but stay easy, that starts in 2020 and I save myself from relegation.
  5. I finished August. After losing with Chindia I changed tactic to a 4-2-3-1 and after that we managed to win FCSB in the Romanian Derby. The tactic that takes care after using the match with Chindia: But, all of these are in 2nd place. Many people are brought in staff. I will not be able to show you all, though we may ask you to show one of them. Before joining I am only with Metaloglobus, but now I am also affiliated with Rennes. Now the staff is completed.
  6. I started my career. Initially I had a budget of 300k. I want to mention that I walked a bit in the editor to add Dinamo's second team, nothing else. The tactic I use is this: In place of Ahmed Bani Dan Nistor will come when he returns. I finished the training period. In the last match I used another tactic. Team facilities: At Data Analysis Facilities I upgraded because I was poor. I sold 2 players, and now I have a budget of 407k, but I can have more The club thinks that we will finish in the middle of the standings, and we will reach the quarter-finals. But I have other plans. Finished in place of UEL in the championship. I brought a man to the staff. The atmosphere in the locker room is pretty bad. The media thinks we will finish 7th.
  7. Stați liniștiți. O să începeți și să faceți cu Dinamo. În ceea ce privește carieră este adevărat să se facă o echipă pentru toate țările din Europa de Est și din Balcani și să le ducă în grupul UCL, în România, Grecia, Serbia, Rusia și Turcia vreau să fie și câștigă UCL. Ligile încărcate sunt:
  8. I want to have a better tutorial for creating tactics and playing in the language Romanian
  9. Thank you very much. You will see if you helped me in the career section, I have it there is called "A story in Romania"
  10. Dinamo in fm is one of the best team of Romania, but in UCL, UEL and UEL2... I think I try a 4-3-3.
  11. I would like a 4-2-3-1 with MC not with DM, but I'm not sure it will work on the team.
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