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  1. I say that if something happens, for example if you go empty and you just shouted to be able to give again, or if it is the last step and you suddenly go up first.
  2. We finished almost the regular season and with three stages before the final we are in 4th place, mathematical in the play-off (what a wonder!). The transfer period has not ended, but I sold Dan Nistor with 725k and he can reach the sum of 900k, Moldoveanu with 525k, and the amount can reach 1M and 35% from a future transfer and Ricardo Grigore with 1.9 M and 35% of a future transfer. I brought two young people, free of contract but they have potentially 3 and a half stars, and I gave one of them as a loan. Replacement for a player I started to take only for Dan Nistor, Milos Vu
  3. I lost my motivation for a career with Celtic and said I would start a career in the 6th league in Spain. I chose Los Rios because it has the best facilities in this series. The goals of this career are to win the LaLiga, Champions League and Club World Cup. I hope I don't lose my motivation for this career so quickly. Los Rios is a team from the fifth league in Spain, founded in 1989, of course, an amateur team. This is my group: It promotes the first two teams, so my goal is to finish in the first two, although the management wants to finish in the middle of the standings
  4. I played and are favored by the dismissal, after I managed to enter the play-off. Starting other careers.
  5. We haven't the best results, concidering we are at 8th position, after 22 matches, but I hope to win all matches and we go into play-off. Not this year the Youth Intake is good.
  6. MARCH 2020 We are mathematic qualified în UEL for the next season. In UEL we eliminated Tottenham after we beat them with 1-0 away and home we made draw, 1-1 and in Quarter-finals we play against other team of London, Arsenal. If we eliminate Arsenal, we play in semifinals against Feyenord or Salzburg. I belive and I want to win UEL in this season. In this month came Youth Intake. It is exactly how expected. Disaster!
  7. In the Europa League we were eliminated by Sporting Lisbon with 7-1 overall. In the Cup we were eliminated by the newly promoted Metaloglobus at penalties. In the championship we get very bad, having only 4 wins in 11 matches, and after the last match I decided to change the tactic with a 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow. The Board sell Ricardo Grigore and who came in his place is a Croatian player, from Dinamo Zagreb and in the matches who he played, he played well. The New Tactic, who I don't try: We are affilliated with more clubs:
  8. My DL crosses on the right side, and my DR is in the center.
  9. I finished February. In the Europa League we eliminated Shakhtar with 7-2 overall. Too bad for the defeat with Aberdeen, where I played with the reserves because I had a match with Șhakhtar, otherwise I won all the matches. In UEL I fell in with Tottenham, which is second in the Premier League. Why not beat them? I believe that if we eliminate them we can win the UEL. Of course, Club Brugge, Feyenord, Standard Liege, Saint-Etienne or Getafe was more accessible, but that was it.
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