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  1. Haha no Nobby its an overgrown mess thats where all the drinkers stand..
  2. Bugger,seems a downer if u want to progress on a save with them,just constantly losing players on amateur contracts
  3. As the title suggests has anyone been able to move Queens Park away from amateur level in scottish football? Seems difficult from what i have read....
  4. Thank you will try my best
  5. Pre-Season Fixtures Announced!!! A variety of fixtures in total against different levels of teams most notably Linfield and Rangers u18's coming to Gasworks Park in what should be a cracking couple of games.The rest are so we can get trialists in and have a look.We will recieve £500 for the match against Linfield which will help the finances slightly.
  6. Finances With an overall club balance of just over £2,000 theres not really much to work with so we will have to be careful.All the players are on Non Contracts so there could be a fair bit of wheeling and dealing at Gasworks Park over the next few weeks.
  7. Meet The Manager Rookie manager Davie Mckenzie takes the reigns at Larky and he hopes to hit the ground running straight away,One of the first jobs is to get an assistant manager in to help with things.
  8. Larkhall Thistle FC are a team based in South Lanarkshire,Scotland. Members of the Scottish Junior Football Association, they currently play in the SJFA West Championship. The club plays at the rather dilapidated Gasworks Park with only the one stand as you can see,with a capacity of about 2,000 (Debatable)
  9. Hello folks new user here to the forums first of all.. Not been a member of the forums at any point so decided to take the plunge and share my experiences with you all whilst enjoying playing the game as well.Ive noticed a good few saves with teams in Scotland and in particular the lower scottish teams which i always find a good realistic challenge given my level of playing as i would consider myself not the greatest at the game But anyway,in this save ive decided to start off with my local team Larkhall Thistle and see where we go from there. Heres what i've setup gamewise..
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