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  1. Using the example of a defender, we can see the usefulness of such a radar for choosing a role in the position Fullback Wingback Complete Wingback more details https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2017/04/choose-best-role-fullbacks/
  2. It would be nice to see the player's radar statistics in the reports in the new part to know how effective he was at this position. For example, i want to see how my player played at a certain position (1 or 2) — select it and get the needed radar. Or we want to see how he played for a certain period, choose a period Or how a player showed himself in the away or home games. Or we also want to configure the radar view, select the needed data. as well as to be able to compare the data with another player from another flank or rotation player at the same position
  3. Hi. The following shows the incorrect display of the movement of players in the first and second halves. When teams change sides of the field, the movements must be inverted to match the passes and other elements. P.S For moderators, please move to the correct forum section if necessary.
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