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  1. The problem I am having is that there is No FM19 folder anywhere on my system. I delete caches, uninstall the game then reinstall it. On the steam library when I install it the percentage bar shows how much has downloaded as normal until it is finished at 100%, however once it is downloaded on steam i look in my documents/sports interactive folder and there has been no FM19 folder created, just FM2018 which is already on the system. When i do a search through - finder - go - (alt) library - application support - sports interactive, again there is no FM19 folder, just FM18. basically when I install through steam it appears there is no content being created on the system, hence why it probably doesnt play, because there are no files to play from, even though it is showing as installed 100% on steam. Also FM touch 19 does exactly the same, ie doesnt work. What is boggling me is that when it is installed and i right click - properties - local files - browse local files there is a FM2019 folder. with FM19.app, data, special folders.xml icons. Yet when i search through finder it doesnt find any FM19 folder whatsoever. Is it downloading somewhere hidden that cant be read from, is it a ghost file, i have no idea. I have included some screenshots showing my documents folder file structure and how there is no FM19 folder, as well as a screenshot of the issue mentioned when i look at local files through steam and there is a FM19 folder. hopefully this all makes sense thanks could it not be downloading because of any skins etc in the fm2018 folder???
  2. all irrelevant, i am not receiving an unavailable message when i try and launch the game. simply nothing happens when i press play. My Mac is fully updated as much as possible, there is no clientregistry.blob to rename, my network is working fine, i have verified the game umpteen times, i have uninstalled steam and installed again etc etc. tbh this hasnt happened on any other game except this one so im assuming its not steam and relates only to fm19. Without being rude I dont expect to buy something and have to start clearing computer and registry files to get it to work, it should just work. I have sent a support ticket to Sega and followed all of their instructions to no avail, still the same problem, so im stuck having paid for something that doesnt work and i cant return to get a refund, so would appreciate any further advice as to where to go from here. thanks
  3. i have downloaded the game from steam, and uninstalled it, then repeated again three times. it only shows 0% next to FM19 when i am verifying/validating. When it has been downloading initially it shows the percentage downloading as per normal.
  4. the game wont even launch. In my steam library next to Football Manager 2019 when i click play, it quickly flashes up next to the name saying running, then syncing, then absolutely nothing happens. I have uninstalled several times and reinstalled, I have cleared the download cache and restarted the computer and steam and verified the game files also. The game goes through the validation process absolutely fine and completes, but when i click on play it comes up with the same, running, syncing, then nothing happens. when the verification process is taking place, next to FM19 in the library it shows 0% so im not sure if something hasnt downloaded or needs to download, but i have followed all of the tech steps and it hasnt made any difference. Following an earlier thread, there was a tip to go to the local files and open fm19.exe, however there is no fm19.exe on my mac, just a fm19.app, not sure if this means anything. I have uploaded an image of the verification process so you can see what i am doing
  5. I am having the same issue as the OP. however I am running MAC OSX 10.11.6. my system requirements meet the minimum specs. I have tried right clicking FM19, going to properties, local files, then opening the FM19.exe icon but that doesnt work either. Strangely FM19 touch seems to work. Any help please
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